Drone Captures Uber Driver Racing Rising Sea Tide At Holy Island With Stranded Buddhist Monk In The Back

Drone footage has captured the moment a hapless Uber driver tried to race the rising sea tide at Holy Island – and gets horribly caught out.

The taxi was spotted getting caught in the water when travelling back to the UK mainland from Lindisfarne Castle yesterday afternoon.

The driver eventually made it to safe ground – a point on the bridge just above the tide but still in the middle of the sea.

There his passengers got out to wade through the water by foot – including a not very happy looking woman with soggy boots and a Buddhist monk who waved at the camera.

        Uber taxi driver trying to race the tide at Holy Island 
               A Buddhist monk passenger waves at the drone camera 

The car has clear Uber markings on the side – saying it is for pre-booked hire only.

Holy Island causeway has designated safe crossing times because, at certain points of the day, high tide comes and completely covers the road.

Drivers are warned, before visiting the island, to be sure to check the high tide times to avoid being caught in the rising sea waters.

Mark Bradshaw, 41, from Seaton Burn, Tyne and Wear, caught the incident near Berwick-upon-Tweed on his drone camera.

                         The Buddhist monk passenger seeks higher ground away from the vehicle
    Drivers are warned to check the high tide times to avoid being caught in the rising sea waters                                                                    

He said: “I went out to Holy Island with a friend to take footage of the castle.

“We saw the vehicle coming over from the island side. It was very brave of him and I decided to film him.

“I was in the military for 24 years and I’ve seen lots of things but nothing as ridiculous as that.

“One of the passengers got out and walked up and down, pondering what their next move was.

“I guess they just had to wait for nature to take its course before they could leave.”

              A woman in soggy boots was another passenger in the Uber car 

In the video a white Uber makes its way through rising waters until it reaches a safe spot on the causeway.

The road is almost unseen underneath the car as it drives to the emergency spot in the middle of the road.

Once reaching the high ground, the driver gives a brief wave to Mark’s Phantom 3 Advanced drone when he opens the car door.

Eventually, RNLI rescuers pull up in a lifeboat to assist the stranded people.

Uber has been contacted for comment.



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