Drink This Potion Before Bedtime: You Will Melt Everything You Have Eaten Throughout The Day

Losing weight is easier said and done. There are too many things you need to take care of, and also need to exercise and watch what you eat as well. Some people have great results with weight loss drinks and shakes, but some people think that drinks with laxative effect can provide better results. But, what if there’s a drink that can do both?

Excess abdominal fat and leg fat are the most difficult to melt, as there are many factors in play. The body doesn’t burn fat overnight – it can recover and develop muscles, but sadly does nothing to fat. During the day, you are physically active and burning calories, but what about overnight? In order to start the process of losing weight while you sleep, you need to accelerate your metabolism to digest food even overnight and luckily, you can do it with the incredible potion we’re going to show you today! Here’s what you need to do:


Boiled water



Cinnamon powder

Apple cider vinegar

A teaspoon of honey or ginger


Just mix the ingredients in a blender and take the mixture fresh. We recommend taking it instead of dinner for best results. Drink it for 3 straight days, then take a 3-day break and repeat the process until you see positive results. This drink doesn’t have any adverse side-effects and will help you burn fat overnight, which will result in more significant weight loss.