Drina River House – The Tiny House That’s In The Middle of A River For Over 40 years

The Drina River in the Balkans is possibly one of the most beautiful bodies of water to ever exist. And what sits atop of a rock in the middle of this scenic place is a tiny home that has stood the test of time, adding to the area’s intrigue.

For over 40 years, this small structure has survived the unpredictable Serbian weather and has become a hot spot for tourists lucky enough to take a dip. But how did the unusual home come to be?

Well, according to CNTV, the home was built in 1969, a year after a group of young boys were looking for a spot to sunbathe and discovered that the rock was an ideal place for a tiny shelter. Since they constructed it, the one bedroom dwelling has survived multiple floods and extreme winds, proving that tiny homes are sometimes unbelievably strong.

The home has gained international fame after photographer Irene Becker‘s stunning photo depicting it was featured last year as National Geographic’s “Photo of the Day,” heightening curiosity about this exotic house. It now has its own Facebook album and blog.

We have come across many American tiny homes, but we have to say, the story behind this particular one has us dreaming of picking up and traveling to Europe to see this amazing example of architecture.

Scroll down for photos of this home and click through our slideshow to see another tiny home we love. And be sure to head over to CNTV for more information.

At the time of its construction, all the house’s building materials were rowed out by the boatload. Little has changed today, as a watery traverse through the swiftly flowing currents of the Drina remains the only way of reaching the rock on which the house sits.