Dr. Oz Promotes Human Microchips To Millions of Viewers


Last year WorldTruth.Tv published an article titled Dr. Oz Viciously Attacks Organic Foods and Farmers Markets, exposing Dr.Oz for who he really is, mouth piece for the globalist bankers, and here is more evidence.

As mainstream media has been continuing to work towards normalizing the idea of microchipping humans it appears Dr. Oz is now on-board. He claims microchips for humans are the next big thing and that Americans will accept them.

Sugar coating this terrible implant as a way to make them so appealing that we will not want to live without them They even go so far as to say these chips are going to make people healthier and safer! Holding one of these RFID microchips up to the camera, a producer of Dr. oz says that being tracked like our pets and phones is a benefit of these chips. This is something that we should consider to be a clear red flag, why would you want to be tracked like a piece of machinery or a lost dog?

Did you know that already 10,000 people have gotten this chip embedded in their bodies? This chip is something that is going to supposedly work function such as your license, keys, passport, wallet and everything else. In doing this we will be handing over almost all of our privacy to the government.

Oh and, the best part of this is that these chips will also allow government officials to be able to see our complete medical history with just a swipe. Could this truly be the mark of the beast that people have been looking for? Please watch the videos below for more information.