Dozens of Stray Animals Attended The Funeral Of The Woman Who Had Fed Them

After her health unfortunately took a turn for the worse, her family was stunned when dozens of dogs suddenly appeared at the funeral parlor where Margarita’s body was being kept.


It turns out that Margarita took a bag of food wherever she went so she could treat other strays she encountered. Making quite a few friends. 


Realizing that the animals had come to pay their respects to Margarita, the staff and relatives let them inside. Where they soon started to rest on the floor near her coffin. 


On the day of the funeral, the dogs followed the hearse to and from the funeral home. They only left her side when she was cremated. 


‘In pain, they jumped for joy, it was wonderful,’ said Margarita’s daughter Patricia. She believes the animals wanted to say a final goodbye to a kind soul. 


As well as the dogs, a bird that Margarita had fed also made it’s way into the home. 

Goes to show what a lasting impact we can have on the animals in our lives.