Don’t Let Them Trick You: Learn How To Identify Real Honey With These 9 Infallible Tricks


Some people have a good habit of consuming honey throughout the whole year, and we know that this gold worth food is rich in vitamins and minerals, and it has many anti-inflammatory properties.

We often wonder where to buy honey and if the one that we bought is real, pure and natural.

So if it is possible, find a beekeeper and buy the honey directly from him.

9 tricks you can use to detect whether the honey is pure and natural

Rub a little honey between your thumb and forefinger until it falls apart. A little bit of honey will be absorbed into the skin, because pure honey is good for the skin. Natural honey is not sticky. So if the honey that you have rubbed is sticky, that means that there is sugar or some other artificial sweeteners in it.

Place few drops of honey on a paper or a paper towel. Pure honey will not break the paper for a long time, because it does not contain water.

Put a little honey among ants. Bees instinctively build their hive on the trees and between rocks. They put honey in order to protect the hive against pests, such as ants. Ants will not touch natural honey.

Fill a glass of water and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Pure honey will coagulate and drop to the bottom, and fake honey will begin to melt.

Apply honey on a slice of bread. Natural honey will harden the bread in only few minutes. Artificial honey will moisten the bread because of the water content.


Pure and natural honey will give you a feeling of pins and needles in your mouth just before swallowing it. Fake honey will not give you that feeling.

Watch whether the honey will crystallize over time. Fake honey will remain smooth as syrup, no matter how long it is stored, while the real honey will crystallize.

Take a match and dip it in honey and then try to ignite the match. If the honey is natural the match will immediately ignite. However if the honey is not pure and natural and has water in it the match will not be able to ignite.

Put two or three teaspoons of honey in a bowl and put the bowl in a microwave. Heat it over high heat. The natural honey will quickly caramelize and will become foamy. While the fake honey won’t be able to caramelize and will be full of bubbles.


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