Don’t Drink Another Drop of Water Until You See This


We tested the pH levels of some popular bottled water brands and tap water. What we found was quite shocking to say the least. We then tested the water that comes from the Alphion water alkalizer and found another surprising result. Watch this video and find out how the water you are drinking today can effect your well being tomorrow.

Does your tap water have a chlorine smell to it? If so and you drink it before the chlorine has had a chance to dissipate, theres a good chance it’s wreaking havoc on the body. Link below.

Here is a quick and inexpensive way to neutralize the chlorine from your tap water, by simply adding just a very small pinch of absorbic acid per gallon of tap water, the vitamin C works great! My tap water smells like a swimming pool here on Long Island, no kidding. When I add the small pinch of Vitamin C it works like magic.

 The before and after smell and taste of the water is unbelievable!

Side note- Probably a good idea for people to add some absorbic acid to their pool water before letting it rip on the ground.  1 gram for every 100 gallons of water will do it. The environment will thank you.