Donald Trump Is Member of Illuminati – Video

If you care about our future, under the American constitution, our liberty and our rights, as free citizens of the world. Then you must acknowledge the confession of Donald Trump by his hand signs. The blatant pride he shows in his open acknowledgement of his secret society affiliation with the Illuminati.

If you hate Hillary and understand the corruption she is in, you must realize that it is only tolerated in this world because she is a part of the Illuminati.They gave her and Bill, their power, and they gave Donald his. No one EARNS this power or position. Though some may receive a mere token piece of power, you must know that real power is handed down to the Elite.

They are the ones flaunting their Illuminati signs in our face. Many singer, song writers and actors, also flaunt these signs as they are told to do this to lure and confuse the youth. They do not have real power, but it is a sign they are slaves of Satan. But People like Donald trump do not flash these signs and hand shakes except by way of the acknowledging of Elite authority. He is telling you if you will just wake up.

If Gary Johnson EVER waves one of these signs or shows you in any way, he would follow any organization or power, other than our constitution, do not vote for him either. At this point it appears he has not and is not part of the Elite. We know for sure that Trump and Hillary are controlled. Please vote for a human this time. It may be our last chance.


Before Donald Trump there was Fred Trump, Before that Fredrick Trump. They came from Germany, from an elite family blood line. They had money handed down in their care. They have a plan. They do not work for us. They work for the family. The family is Rothschild. The goal is total domination of the world. They all play whatever part of the play they need to to deceive us. Some of the family pretend to be JEWISH, others pretend to be Protestant, some secular. But all of them are from Khazaria. Khazaria is an ancient kingdom that has now infiltrated all the world. Russia, America, and Britain are the chief ruling powers of their plot. They care nothing for the indigenous peoples of the world, they plan to murder most of them. They do want to save some for breeding. They are almost finished with their plan.
David Vose