Dolphins, Missing Human Interaction During Lockdown, Bring Gifts From The Sea

As the months roll into each other with lock-down continuing past its 8th week, the humans aren’t the only ones feeling the strain, it’s also the wildlife. In particular, highly intelligent animals such as dolphins, are experiencing a very human emotion – loneliness. So much so in fact, that they’ve actually been recorded in a video bringing gifts from the sea. This is assumed to be because no one has been visiting them due to the strict lock-down rules in place.

Mans Aquatic Best Friend

Much like dogs, dolphins are extremely intelligent beings and enjoy human company. From fishing boats, all the way to leisure tours and cruise ships, these dolphins love to see humans every day. So when all this attention from their loving admirers come to a grinding halt, these poor dolphins weren’t sure what to do with themselves! Going from having hundreds of friends each and every week, to none at all was quite the shock.

Gifts for Love

As these are all unprecedented times for both humans and animals, the dolphins came up with an interesting idea. In exchange for a bit of human interaction and the occasional treat, these dolphins are bringing treats back from the sea to give to the few humans that they are seeing. Caught on camera, these adorable dolphins are dragging up anything and everything they can find in an attempt to get some human contact.

Some of the items brought ashore by dolphins at Tin Can Bay. Credit: Bev Lambert/Barnacles Cafe & Dolphin Feeding/Facebook

In these strange strange times, isn’t a bit of love and attention what we all want? The smallest things that we take for granted can often be the things we miss the most, which is certainly true for these inquisitive dolphins. A little bit of TLC goes a long way in times like these, where loneliness can sneak up on you all too easily. This is a two-way street as well as the humans interacting with the dolphins also feel the benefit. One smile is all it takes to make someone’s day.