Dog Who Survived Greece Wildfire By Hiding In Oven Finds New Home

A very clever dog has been found hiding in an oven to escape the wildfires that are currently devastating large parts of Greece.

The resourceful dog seems to have sought refuge from the heat and the flames in the last place that you’d normally think to do that – inside the cooker.

The oven served to protect the pooch until rescuers arrived and found it hiding in there. Eventually, it came out and, realising that it had been saved, began to wag its tail again.


The footage of the dog’s emergence was shot near to the town of Mati, east of Greece’s capital Athens, and it was then shared on Facebook by Artemis Kyriakopoulou, who said: “We found this creature in a furnace of a burnt out house at an area of Mati that has been completely destroyed.

“The dog was burned, hurt, hungry, and of course scared as we managed to save him and his sibling who was in a better condition.

“They have been both transferred to a vet. The second dog that is not shown in the video was patiently awaiting his owner at the entrance to the house.

“Please help us to find their owners if they are still alive.”

The fires of last week are thought to have killed hundreds of animals, as well as more than 90 people. Despite looking like it had been through hell, this dog was surprisingly healthy given the circumstances.

As well as the human and animal cost, thousands of homes have been destroyed by the wildfires that have decimated large swathes of the area. There is currently an investigation ongoing to find out whether the fires were started deliberately or not.

Drones and US Naval Pilots are flying over the area to try to ascertain if human involvement caused the fires to start.

Footage also emerged recently that shows people taking to the sea as a last resort to avoid being burned alive.