Dog That Was Put To Sleep After Being Hit By A Car Miraculously Returns From The Dead

The word “miracle” tends to get thrown around quite a bit. It’s not uncommon to hear it used in reference to minor, yet positive, occurrences—like acing a test in school when you haven’t studied or finding the perfect pair of shoes (in your size!) after a flash sale practically emptied the store.

Yet as much as its significance can be diluted from such overuse, the fact remains that the word means something quite different. How often can we actually say that we’ve seen or experienced something that defied logical explanation?

Yet that’s exactly what happened to one special dog in Alabama. After he was hit by a car, he was at death’s door. That’s when something happened that nobody could have explained…

We all like to think that we’d do everything in our power to rescue or help stray animals that we encounter on the street—especially if they seem distressed or hurt in any way. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not always possible.

Such was the case for this homeless mutt. He was roughly four years old when he was struck by a car near Ozark, Alabama. With a broken leg—and looming medical fees—no one was willing to adopt this “damaged” animal, and as such, he was scheduled to be put to sleep.

When he was given the injection, however, he moved in an extremely uncommon way—it was almost as if he knew what was happening to him and he was actively trying to do everything he could to fight it.

Yet his body was completely still, and the animal control staff—thinking their work was complete—left for the night. Little did they know that there would be quite the surprise waiting for them when they returned the next morning…

When they returned in the morning, however, the dog was standing and drinking water from a dish like nothing had happened. How on Earth can such a thing have been possible?

Everyone in the room was completely dumbfounded by what they saw. They decided to name him Lazarus, after the character in the biblical story about the man whom Jesus brought back from the dead.

“I call him Houdini,” joked one animal control officer who’d witnessed the euthanasia attempt. Thankfully, Lazarus wouldn’t have to perform his “magic” trick again; the story about his incredible will to live spread like wildfire.

Lazarus’ story also caught the eye of a woman named Jane Holston from Helena, Alabama. She was instantly moved that this dog, unwilling to accept his fate, was able to fight through both a debilitating car accident and a lethal injection. Jane decided right then and there that she had to adopt Lazarus!

Now, Lazarus has a loving family and a new friend, Tucker, with whom he loves to play tug-of-war. Considering the fact that he escaped death not once, but twice, it’s safe to say that Lazarus is truly a miracle dog.

You’re definitely going to want to hear Lazarus’ story in the words of the people who know him best. Plus, just wait until you see the big guy in action. Just look at him! He’s so happy to be alive!