Dog Best Friends That Can’t Be Separated

We absolutely love it when we see animal best friends hanging out together, and these adorable dog buddies are no different. We value dogs, as “man’s best friend,” for the relationships they form with us, but they’re social animals that are perfectly capable of finding friends among their own kind as well! Dogs evolved from wolves, and both animals have structured, pack-based social lives.

If you have a photo of dogs that are best friends, we’d love to see them! Please add them to this list and vote for your favorites, too.

 A Little Kiss

Pit Bull And A Chihuahua Who Got Adopted Together

My Friend’s Dogs Think They Are Going To The Vet When In Reality They Are Headed To The Park

We Were Worried They Wouldn’t Get Along

Come On, Buddy, Let’s Take A Picture


 Harlow And Indiana

Best Friends Forever

Cuddle Time

Disabled Dogs Can’t Figure Out A Horseshoe Crab

Doggy Totem

 Senpai Kissed Me

 Three Best Friends: Harlow, Sage And Reese

 Dog Hug

 Best Friends Forever


Big Dog Loves Her New Puppy Friend


 I Love You, Big Sister!

Like Mother, Like Son

 Elise And Her Bodyguard

 Best Friends At The Beach

 Brother And Sister Reuniting After 6 Months Apart

 A Coworker’s Dog Is A New Foster Mom To A Stray 6 Week Old Pup

 When Will I Grow That Big?

Cooper And Rory

Looks Like The New Puppy Has Been Accepted