Why Does Zuckerberg Cover His Webcam With Tape?

Mark Zuckerberg appears to cover his laptop’s webcam with tape, a photo posted by the Facebook CEO shows.

Celebrating the growing popularity of Facebook-owned social media site Instagram, Zuckerberg, a controversial figure among privacy advocates, sent out a photo Tuesday while sitting next to an Apple computer.


Examination of the photo shows tape covering the webcam and possibly the headphone input jack on the left side of the computer as well.

Although confirmation as to whether the laptop is indeed owned by Zuckerberg has yet to be determined, given the CEO’s prominence, such a move would be anything but surprising.

As the image went viral on Twitter though, many noted what they felt was hypocrisy given Facebook’s increasingly controversial stance towards privacy as the world’s largest social media site.

Similar statements were made last month after it was learned that the CEO was purchasing and demolishing 4 homes surrounding his in order to better protect his privacy.