Doctors Found 75 Pins Inside A Man’s Body Who Had No Idea About It

A 56-year-old railway employee was found to house as much as 75 stationary pins that were embedded deep into his body. The doctors claim that the pins have been rooted under the skin of his neck, forearms and legs.

The condition of Badrilal Meena from Barda village in Bundi district of Rajasthan was detected when he went to a hospital in Kota to receive the treatment for his aching right foot and diabetes. But the whole situation turned out to be really different.

B Panda, a surgeon at Kota railway hospital who is in charge for his treatment said, “There are no pins or perforations visible in the stomach, oesophagus or intestines to suggest he swallowed them.”

Also, there are no proofs or visible marks to suggest that the inch-long pins were anyhow pierced into the skin — either by himself or by someone else.

But a surprising revelation is sure to shock you further.

He has no idea how he got them!

Meena went to the hospital for a treatment in February when he was struck with an infection in the finger of his foot. After returning, he assured himself that he would be fine but the month of April juxtaposed him with reality. The reports from x-ray were not less than a jolt for everybody.

He has been living his life with these pins but he wasn’t even aware!

After knowing the whole situation, Meena was transferred to a hospital in Mumbai for further nursing.

He got his tests done on April 24, at Jagjivan Ram Hospital, Mumbai Central.

But the whole process caused the delay in his treatment and now his situation has worsened.

However, the pins haven’t caused any harm to his body.

His son Rajendra described that the family is unaware of what led to this situation and also Meena does not remember anything on being asked.