Doctors Can’t Explain Why Brothers In Pakistan Are Paralyzed When The Sun Sets

Many of us often complain that there aren’t enough hours in a day, as we try to cram everything in before another night falls, but the following shocking story proves that we should all be making the most of our days and appreciating what comes after them.

Much like this girl, who lives her life in a small bucket, two brothers in Pakistan recently had their bizarre health story told to the world when they were featured in a Barcroft TV video. During the day time, you would never know that brothers Mohammad Shoaib, 13, and Abdul Rasheed, 9, were born a little different.

Yet once the sun goes down every night, the brothers’ health goes through a drastic change that no doctor has been able to explain.

“TWO brothers in Pakistan are suffering from a mysterious condition that leaves them paralyzed each time the sun sets,” Barcroft TV explained on YouTube. “Dubbed ‘solar boys’ by local media [they] are full of energy during the daytime. But once the sun goes down they both collapse – and are not able to talk or move until the sun rises the following day. The boys’ condition has baffled the medical community in Pakistan, with doctors left desperately trying to diagnose their condition.”

The boys have already lost two brothers from the same bizarre condition and they are very worried for their well-being. Although they live in a special medical facility, the boys spend every night paralyzed, waiting for the sun to rise again.

Doctors have no understanding of what happens to Mohammad and Abdul at night, but they believe their condition to be genetic and are rushing to try and find a cure.