Doctors Are Baffled Why Her Birthmark Exploded, Quickly Realize It’s A Fight For Her Life

Still trying to decide whether to have kids or adopt? Well, we just found a story that may help that decision along.

Like something out of the movie “Alien”, a young British mother was pregnant with her fifth child when she noticed that a birthmark on her face was starting to swell. You simply will not believe what happened next.

Sam Davies has had a birthmark on her face her whole life. When she and her husband, Paul, decided to start a family, she noticed that the birthmark would swell and itch.

Through four of her pregnancies, she figured that it was all just another weird symptom of carrying a growing organism inside of her body. And in a way, she was sort of right.

After four daughters, Sam became pregnant with her first son. The lifelong birthmark suddenly took on a whole new character. Again, it swelled, and again it itched, as in each of her four previous pregnancies. However, soon, it swelled to a remarkable size and began to pulse.

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the birthmark started to grow a little, it became itchy and it grew. It was more of a growth than a mark, and I hated it. My birthmark reacts to me being pregnant,” Sam explained, according to Inquisitr. “In fact, it’s like a pregnancy test for me, when it starts to itch, I know I’m pregnant. But when I was carrying my son, after four daughters, it went out of control. As my bump grew, the birthmark grew too. It was like a monster.”

With two months left to go in her pregnancy, things took an awful, terrifying turn.

The mark swelled to a new record size, and then exploded, splitting her forehead open.

“There was lots of goo and blood shooting out of my head, all down my face,” Sam recalls of the strange days.

She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors started running tests to diagnose what exactly was happening. The tests soon revealed, much to everyone’s horror, that the birthmark was actually the tip of a cluster of three tumors, called hemangiomas. Although mostly benign, a sample taken did indicate the presence of a few cancerous cells.


The Tumors would need to be removed, but as Sam was in the last trimester, it was deemed better to wait until after she delivered her son, before embarking on brain surgery.

In the meantime, Sam recounts “The last two months of my pregnancy were horrendous. I was closely monitored, but in reality the doctors didn’t know what to do. I was like a freak show in the hospital, with them all coming to look at me.”

Her son, Paul Jr, was born happy and healthy, and then after a brief recuperation, she headed back into the operating room for the surgery to remove the tumors.

She is tumor free and back with her family including husband Paul, Daughters Kati, Amy, Lorna, and Kayla, and little Paul Jr. after having wanted to have more children, she is rethinking the position “just in case the monster wakes up again.”


Sam was lucky that they caught the tumors at a stage where they could still be operated on, and that there was only small signs of cancerous cells, however, her story does serve as a cautionary tale for all of us, that if we notice anything wrong with our bodies, we need to be proactive in determining what might be the problem, instead of waiting and hoping that a condition will go away.


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