Doctor Reveals Trick To Fix Vertigo/Dizziness In Seconds

Did you know that there is a way to alleviate a bout of dizziness/vertigo with one simple trick? Dr. Carol Foster describes one way to eliminate dizziness in a matter of seconds.
You have to check this trick out!

Do you occasionally suffer from bouts of dizziness or vertigo?

Vertigo can be accompanied by the impression that the room is spinning around you.

One common symptom of vertigo is an involuntary horizontal movement of the eyes called horizontal nystagmus.

One thing is for sure, vertigo is a frightening condition that can last quite a while. If only there was a great way to treat it…

Dr. Carol Foster of the University of Colorado Hospital claims to have a simple method to relieve these uncomfortable feelings of vertigo.

Dr. Foster explains that vertigo can result from a progressive build up of particles in the inner ear.

Her vertigo-relief technique aims to shift these particles around as to reduce the feeling of spinning. Let’s take a look…

Step 1:

Position your body on your knees like the woman in this picture.

Step 2:

Next, raise your head and hold in this position for a few seconds.

Step 3:

Now bend forward and put your head completely upside down on the floor. It is important to tuck your chin in toward your knees when doing this.

The direction that you turn your head in the next step depends on which ear you need to treat.

Step 4:

Turn your head toward your elbow. If you’re treating your left year, turn your head toward the left elbow, and turn it to the right for the right ear.

At this point, you will likely feel spinning, but hold the position until the spinning stops.

Step 5:

Raise your head so that it is aligned with your back. It’s important, though, that you keep your head turned at an angle.

At this point, then wait for the spinning to stop. Finally, you sit back up straight. Dr. Foster does mention that the process may need to be repeated a few times to completely relieve your symptoms. 15 minute breaks between each attempt are recommended.

Here is the full video with Dr. Foster! She explains in more detail the reasoning behind her incredible vertigo trick.