Do You Have Loose Pocket Change? You’ll Want To Start Digging Once You Find Out How Much One Quarter Is Worth

Do you have loose pocket change? You’ll want to start digging once you find out how much one quarter is worth.

What quarter should you keep close tabs on? A 1970s quarter that had a minting mistake which resulted in “1941” being written on its back, right above the word “dollar,” after it was printed above a 1941 Canadian quarter.

The coin is currently listed on eBay for $35,000. According to the listing, 27 people have been interested since the ad was posted
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Even if you don’t come across the special quarter, other coins are worth astronomical values.

Surprisingly, this 1925 wheat penny is worth 300 dollars:

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This 1926 Buffalo Nickle is worth thousands:

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Finally, a mercury dime like this one is worth up to $16,400.

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