Do You Have A Stuffed Nose Or Clogged Sinuses? This Simple Trick Will Clear It In A Few Seconds

No one ever says that they like having a stuffy, clogged up nose. When your sinuses are super blocked and you can only breathe out of your mouth, it’s more than enough to make life miserable. The uncomfortable stuffy feeling can even hurt and lead to other health problems. Breathing becomes labored, lips get dry, chapped, and cracked, while the accompanying pressure building in your head may lead to headaches, ears popping, and other types of sinus pain.

Most of us reach for a tissue to blow our noses, but when you’re really backed up, it can seem downright futile. When all of the sniffling and blowing into tissues fails to clear your nasal passages, it’s enough to drive a sane person mad. That’s why so many people end up buying expensive nasal sprays and other types of decongestants. However, these don’t always work and they are simply not for everyone.

Instead of suffering though the congestion or reaching for a product which may not even be effective, try one of these alternative methods. They are safe, completely all-natural, cost nothing, and have been proven to work. This is one of those types of things that you’ll be glad you tried out and your nose will finally be clear, making life instantly better! Check out the accompanying video for more and keep reading for exactly how to perform the techniques:

1) Tongue Tap and Eyebrow Touch- Start by pressing your tongue tip up against the roof of your mouth. Keep it there for a few seconds before releasing it. Immediately afterwards press your finger on the middle point of your forehead that’s located right between your eyebrows. Press this spot on and off for at least 20 seconds or more. The congestion in your head should begin to clear out and you can start to breathe easy again.

2) Hold Your Breathe- This is the simplest trick you can do to clear your nose. Tilt your head back, pinch your nose closed, then hold your breath for as long as you possibly can. When you absolutely must take a breath, or are about to black out, exhale and then breathe in through your nose. This should have cleared your nasal passages and drained them of what was clogging them up!

There you have it, the easiest tricks that will get rid of a stuffy nose! To learn why these simple home remedies work so well, refer to the short video for the scientific explanation behind them and more details. The clip was put together by Prevention Magazine to demonstrate the above two ways on how to clear a stuffy nose instantly. Now the next time you overhear someone complaining about being all congested and stuffed up, tell them to try one of these techniques and pass them along so that everyone you know can learn about them too!