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Even though cell phone injuries happen rarely, they do happen. Gabbie Fedro, a 13-year-old girl got serious burns as a result of the overheated phone charger. As a matter of fact, the overheated charger gave her second-degree burns! She was using a T-Mobile LG d500, a mobile phone that she received as Christmas gift. Her father heard screaming from her bedroom and “She came running downstairs after it happened grabbing her neck. She was in so much pain she was screaming hysterically,” her mother says.

This case is not the first time phone chargers have proven harmful. Most of the injuries are result of overheated lithium-ion battery which leads to burns or explosions.

Back in 2014, a faulty USB phone charger sent a high current through the body of Sheryl Anne Aldeguer, an Australian mother-of-two who was wearing headphones and talking on the phone. Her phone had been also plugged into a wall socket. Unfortunately, the woman died. This incident sparked a public alert about inexpensive electronics and forced Fair Trading to issue a warning over the sale of unapproved USB chargers in New South Wales.

Sadly, these are two cases are not the only ones. Take a look at the following:

  • According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a faulty USB charger was the cause of the death of a woman in Australia two years ago. The newspaper reported that the woman had been electrocuted while talking on the phone and the charger was a knock-off.
  • According to Apple, in 2013 a Chinese Woman was killed by electrocution while using a faulty charger. Apple promised to investigate the case and posted a warning to its Chinese website, asking people to avoid third-party chargers.
  • Back in 2010, a toddler in Colorado got third-degree burns after she was shocked by putting an Apple USB cable into her mouth. According to the Denver Channel, the cable was plugged into the laptop at that particular moment.

On the other hand, using a properly working mobile phone being charged with the adequate and properly working charging device is not proven dangerous. In fact, using a mobile phone while it is charging is repeated numerous times daily throughout the world, without injury or any incident. As a matter of fact, this is more than necessary in the time when people use their phone all the time for much more than taking or making phone calls.

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