Disturbing Thing A Man Says He Found Inside A Freshly Opened Pepsi Can

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A man in South Bend, Indiana says he made a gruesome discovery after swallowing what he says was skin covered in hair inside of a can of Pepsi.

Joseph Hidey says he popped open a can of the refreshing beverage, took a drink, and knew something wasn’t right.

“I cracked this one open and swallowed a chunk of something,” Hidey explained. “We opened the can up and found another piece of what looks like skin with hair attached.”

Hidey says the can was part of a 24-pack of Pepsi he bought at a nearby Walmart. 
The South Bend man immediately filed a report with Walmart, where he purchased the drink.
“They sent a representative here to pick up a sample as well as the can and two other cans that were left,” said Hidey’s attorney, Pete Agostino. “And, those were going to be sent to a lab for investigation, and determination and analysis.”
It could take several weeks for test results to come back. Hidey also kept a small portion of the specimen to have tested himself.

“I want to know what’s in it because I want to know what I ingested — if it’s human or if it’s an animal,” he said.
“I filed a lengthy report and they said somebody would be out the next day to check it out,” he said.
A representative from a lab company was then dispatched to pick up a sample. The results from the test may take weeks, to come back.

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Pepsi released this statement:

The safety and integrity of our products is our highest priority. We have reached out to Mr. Hidey directly about his claim, which came into our after-hours call center on Sunday, and will thoroughly investigate this matter.


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