Did WikiLeaks Prove The Illuminati Exists? Secret US Government Rockefeller Talks Revealed


WikiLeaks has released a cable that reveals the US Government held a series of top-secret meetings with David Rockefeller over where to hide the elite family of the Shah after the Iranian revolution in 1979.

The release, which details top-secret dealings between then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and tycoon David Rockefeller, adds rocket fuel to one of the longest running conspiracy theories – that the US Government is actually run from behind the scenes by a shadow government who take orders from a secretive global elite known as the Illuminati.

The Rockefellers are an American industrial, political, and banking family that made one of the globe’s biggest fortunes in oil from the late 19th century.

The Express reports:

John D Rockefeller and brother William Rockefeller made this primarily through Standard Oil. The family then went on to control Chase Manhattan Bank and is considered the most powerful familiy ever in the US.

Conspiracy websites list the Rockefeller family as one of 13 top Illuminati dynasties and claim they are attempting to install a New World Order upon the Earth, which would ultimately be one global Government controlled by them.

The website states: “The elite, that is the part of the elite that call themselves the illuminati, “the enlightened ones”, contains at the heart 13 incredibly rich, zionist families that are in constant contact with each other. 

“Their names are probably Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Bruce, Cavendish, De Medici, Hannover, Habsburg, Krupp, Plantagenet, Romanov, Sinclair and Windsor, but this list is kept hidden from the outside world so meticulously that some sources mention a different name in a few places.”

The new WikiLeaks disclosure will further stoke the conspiracy, because Kissinger, now 93, is also alleged to be part of the Illuminati.

The greater picture.com article continues: “They are supported by another 300 families, often with well-known names such as Agnelli, Bush, Ford, Kuhn, Loeb, Montgomery, Morgan, Roosevelt and Schiff. 

Many power-hungry people mix with them as well, such as Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet, etc. Together they control practically all power and money in the world.

The WikiLeaks disclosure, which will be seized upon by conspiracy theorists behind the Illuminati myth, is one of a tranche of files called the Carter Cables III released this week which date back to 1979.

It concerns the US agreeing to shelter the family of the last Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, after the Iranian Revolution of the same year.

It came after he was overthrown by an Islamic uprising, and 66 Americans were held hostage at the US Embassy in Tehran.

A document disclosed by WikiLeaks in a section dedicated to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, showed how American business tycoon David Rockefeller agreed behind the scenes to find somewhere for the disposed Shah to stay – provided his involvement was kept hidden from public view.

The cable shows the magnate agreed to “make arrangements for the future residence” of Ashraf Pahlavi Princess, the sister of the Shah.

Kissenger and Rockefeller were said in the document to “specifically discuss Mexico, the Bahamas and possibly Argentina” as asylum options and made contact “with several people in the US” to look at “places in Central and South America“.