Determine Your Biological Age – What Is The True Age of Your Body?

Biological age – that is the true age of the human body. It shows us how old we really are. Its clock is ticking in our cells, but does not define our data in personal documents.


Sometimes, the biological age of a person gives a true picture of the state of his health and whether it is time to start counting down back to the youth.

You will agree that a 30 year old man can look like a “wreck” and someone who has 50 can be in good health and have a great capacity for work.The most accurate indicator is – the biological age.

Scientists have proved that the chronological age that is listed in our personal documents does not match the number of years that we really have i.e. the biological age.

Psychologically you can be much older, or the other way around – younger. It all depends on how you really feel and what kind of lifestyle you live.

Of course, the logical question is – how to find the exact formula for determining our biological age. The medical sources recommend us to do the following tests with performing these tasks:

1.Measure your pulse (heart rate).Then do 30 squats at rapid pace. Measure the pulse again, and pay attention to the difference. Write it down. If your pulse is increased by:

  • 0-10 units – you have 20 years
  • 10-20 units – you have 30 years
  • 20-30 units – you have 40year
  • 30-40 units – you have 50 years

2.Test for the detection of biological age

So, firmly press your thumb and index finger on the inner side of the arm, at the crease where you measure the pulse (above the fist), in other words – it is necessary to pinch yourself for 5 seconds. For accurate results, you can use the stopwatch. Next, release the fingers and then you can determine your biological age by seeing in how many seconds the color of your skin will come back to its original state:

  • in 5 seconds – you have nearly 30 years
  • in 8 – 40 years
  • in 10 – 50 years
  • in 15 – you are close to 60 years

3.The next test is determining the biological age with a little bit of gymnastics.

Stand up straight, bend your knees and lean forward. Try to touch the floor with the palms in this position. Generally, this is not difficult. We estimate the results:

  • if you put your palms fully on the floor – your biological age 20-30 years
  • if you touch the floor with your fingers – you are 40 years old
  • if you touch your lower leg – you are 50 years old
  • if you just touch the knees – you are 60 years old

4.Now the most difficult task.

Close your eyes, stand on the left and then on the right foot. You can balance with your hands but you are not allowed to hold on anything. Try to stay in this position. Let someone in the family count how many seconds will you remain in this position:

  • 30 and over – your biological age – 20 years
  • 20 seconds – 40 years
  • less than 10 – 60 years and over

If you are not satisfied with the results – you can finally start to worry about your health. At least start with a morning workout. After some time repeat the biological test again. And maybe then your physical age will be equal to the biological.