Desperately Thirsty Cobra Approaches Villagers For Water

A King cobra was so thirsty, it approached villagers in southern India for aid.

An extreme drought is affecting populations in southern parts of India, and it’s not just people who are suffering from the adverse climatic conditions. Some animals are bypassing their primal nature to intentionally seek out humans for aid.

For example, a King cobra – which is known for being dangerous and, therefore, is avoided by most people at all costs – recently approached villagers due to being desperately thirsty. After realizing that the snake was confronting humans because it was deprived of water, a few brave individuals stepped up to help.

First, a man gripped the cobra’s tail to prevent it from lashing it out at nearby humans. Then, another man splashed some water on the snake’s head to cool it down. He then extended the water bottle for the cobra to drink from and then the miraculous happened – it drank!

The man was intelligent to protect himself with a snake catcher while offering water to the King cobra. Fortunately, no one was hurt and the snake’s life was saved. It was later transported to an animal care facility.

Watch the incredible footage below:

A group of Chinese and Indian researchers warns that the extreme drought is likely to continue on the Indo-Gangetic plain (India’s most fertile and populous region) if the burning of fossil fuels continues unabated. Effects of failing to preserve and care for the environment will likely result in a fall in agricultural produce, which will undoubtedly compromise India’s food security. Learn more here.