Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted

The current state of affairs in the world indicates that the Illuminati scheme to install an explicit One World Government is failing at a fast rate. In other words, their century-long agenda of imposing a state-financed One World Religion on humankind, as well as their numerous attempts of depopulating the Earth, have been thwarted. And all for a number of reasons:

    • Russian President Vladimir Putin is determined not to enter any WWIII scenarios. Taken that the Kremlin also has access to Tesla-inspired, scalar-wave weaponry, one that hasn’t even been conceived by the Military-Industrial Complex, we don’t want to imagine what the repercussions of such a scenario will be.
    • The stock market will continue to fall as a result of a controlled demolition, like the one in2008. The only difference is that this time, the culprits – financial terrorists and economic saboteurs, i.e. the banking establishment, will be prosecuted till justice is reached.
  • Triggered by the 2000 collapse and the 9/11 War on Terror, the Second Great Depressionhas been enduring since 2008. This means that the natural breakdown of the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) can’t be prevented in any way.
  • Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System

Although most of you will agree that nothing can be done to prevent the NWO group from executing a complete, perfectly controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System, there’s more to the bigger picture than meets the eyes.

Taken that the international banking crime syndicate (aka the banking elite) tries to execute this move once again, the entire system will collapse forever.  And that’s not all. As the power is in the people, the banking elite might as well face a fate similar to the aristocracy during the worst years of the French Revolution.

How so?

One benefit from living in an era of dominant social media is having access to a great amount of raw truth and hard facts about the true workings of the GE&FS. Take for instance the wreck and damage on the planet done by multi-billion corporations including the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Monsanto and Halliburton, just to name a few. Today, we are all aware of their wicked actions, especially with so many interlocking directorships which incriminate them all.

There are so many extremely incriminating facts that can be found on the Internet since 1995, that those who own and run the GE&FS have never been more exposed in their wrongdoings.  Any attempt to destroy the GE&FS to their benefit will lead to their end.

The Internet

The greatest benefit of the internet, compared to other recorded inventions in human history, is providing a level playing field for all the players. Taken that before the internet, the Illuminati have never tolerated anything but a tilted playing field, today they are forced to learn new game rules. In case a controlled demolition of the banking system was to be executed by the financial engineers and economic architects, the people will rise and put them behind bars for good.

Now, another 2016 event, one of colossal importance, is the election of Donald Trump. This epic event shows more than anything else, including BREXIT, how much things have really changed. This also shows that people have more power now than in the past.

The Internet will be the most powerful police empowering people to put those banksters behind bars. Take for instance the global citizens investigation that has been carried out regarding Washington, D.C. Pizzagate and global Pedogate. It clearly demonstrates the power of people which is emerging in ways and places never seen before.

The Pizzagate revelations, which are rapidly emerging as a result of the power and pervasiveness of the Internet, are creating a very favorable environment for the powerless to regain their power.  Similarly, Pedogate has provided an international forum for victims all over the world to speak the truth like never before.


The Illuminati, the Neocons, the Zionists and Alien-Human Hybrid Controllers

Currently, the only challenge the world has yet to deal with is this establishment of extremely powerful psychopaths who have a tight grip on our society. What gives hope is the fact that this elite will be deprived of their ill-gotten gains and misappropriated wealth, which means that their influence and power over the world affairs will be greatly reduced.

Special Note:  TPTB has no power to crash the economy like they used to do according to the Shemitah calendar.  In case they attempt a reckless sabotage of President Trump’s term in office through a synchronized collapse, then they will lose everything.  But, most importantly, they’ll never get it back. And, that’s not all. The collapse of financial institutions and economic systems will lead to a drastic fall of their age-old power and influence.  As a result, the US will be forced to devise a whole new paradigm, one that is free from the endemic corporate corruption and easily manipulated institutional arrangements. The culprits should never again be granted participation in state and world affairs. Plus, they should face prosecution for their continual financial terrorism and economic devastation to both developed and developing nations.



Trump’s election following the humiliating fall of Hillary Clinton is a worldwide phenomenon that promises to put an end to despicable globalists all over the world.

Some of the first things on the new President’s agenda should include shutting down the treasonous Mainstream Media, as well as getting rid of the numerous traitors from Congress, intelligence agencies, and many other departments within the U.S. Federal Government.

And the sooner he rolls his sleeves up, the better for the nation as Americans, once again will be able to take back their government. This American Republic can rebuild the image of the Founding Fathers like no one before.

And, in reality, the better the demolition, the better the foundation for the new construction to be built upon.  At present, the world is but an economic prison for most of humankind, and the first step to be taken to free the people is taking down the present embodiment of the GE&FS.