Dave Chappelle’s Cousin Says He Was Killed and Cloned

The YouTube channel that conducted the interview with Dave Chappelle’s cousin said they contacted her after seeing her comments on several YouTube videos. She was willing to tell her story but she uses a voice changer because she is afraid for her safety. This is the first time she has spoken out. ​

She was very close with her cousin Dave Chapelle. She tells the story about why he went to Africa…what happened before that, and what happened after.  She says they killed and cloned him not long after he appeared on the Oprah show. They lured him into a meeting with the TV executives and that was the last she ever heard from him.

The next time she saw him on TV she knew immediately that was not her cousin….whom she’d known since they were born. It looked, acted and sounded nothing like him.

And in order to avoid the questions his family would have when they sent a clone home instead of him…she says they killed and cloned his entire immediate family. His wife, his kids and his mother who were all living on the farm with him.

This is a fascinating interview. And it makes sense. Chapelle was trying to get away from them. He was speaking out. Then suddenly like someone snapped their fingers he’s back in the game.

And don’t forget….they kill these ppl first. If you think the idea that they clone ppl and replace them is ridiculous then you are WAY behind the curve and you need to do some research.

The original video interview with Chapelles cousin was posted a few weeks ago by the JT Anwom youtube channel on April 26th, 2017. And it was quickly taken down by YouTube. This was their description on the original video before it was taken down.

“Had to re-upload this because YouTube took the sound off the first video for some odd reason, so we’re re-uploading it. We saw numerous comments from a woman named #1 Original Negan Girl on YouTube, who made several comments under multiple videos regarding Dave Chappelle. Comments stating how Dave was her cousin…on videos that were done by those such as The Vigilant Christian and others. So upon us seeing her comments everywhere on YouTube, we decided to contact her to ask her to share her facts about what she knows regarding Dave, and she said she would if we made her voice anonymous, for fear of her safety, which we did. So this is her story.”

(It was removed by YouTube but I finally found the video online and re-uploaded it. It may get taken down again so download it if you can.) Here’s the interview:

And before you dismiss the cloning thing as some “crazy tin foil hat” conspiracy theory please listen to this short explanation about how organic robotoid clones are made (this is the type of clone Dave Chapelle’s cousin says he is), how they work, and how they take a holographic picture of the persons brain and are then able to upload a person’s memories into the brains of these organic robotoid clones who are programmed just like a computer. The technology the elite possess now has been given to them from the fallen angels and it is hundreds of years more advanced than they show the public.

The following video is a short clip I took out of a longer video. It is a clip from the documentary “Boys From Brazil”, a documentary that was made in 1978 about the cloning programs Josef Mengele was conducting on victims in the Nazi era. If they had this technology back in the late 70′s just imagine how much more advanced it is now.

There are different types of clones and different processes used to make each one. Dave Chapelle’s cousin says he is an organic robotoid clone. This is a 6 minute clip explaining organic robotoids and is a must hear if you want to understand what they are capable of today. In their inner circles they refer to them as “the others”.

Clone Dave throwing Illuminati symbols
Real Dave
Real Dave 
Clone Dave
Old Dave vs New Dave
Clone Dave 
Clone Dave (left) vs real Dave (right)
Dave Chappelle, for those who are unaware, has recently been appearing in the media. He was even on the cover of GQ, Letterman, being photographed by the paparazzi & clearly back in Hollywood again after his famous disappearance to Africa and subsequent statements regarding the ‘sickness’ of Hollywood …..all but screaming Illuminati from the rooftops. 

He looks and acts COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! The old Dave Chappelle was VERY slender, with very narrow shoulders. The impostor is much larger with much broader shoulders….a very different chin/jaw. He looks muscular and not just like he has been working out and gained some weight. He is of a darker complexion…his eyes are different and very creepy/lifeless. He has a totally different body and also appears taller. His jaw is different…he appears swollen like clones tend to….he dresses differently (since when does Dave Chappelle wear a flashy suit with an expensive ass looking watch & ring like some mega-douche?


This Dave Chappelle beats around the bush too. He answers none of the questions directly in the interview. His personality which used to be very direct, carefree, honest and refreshing is now flat and lifeless. He is certainly not charismatic, quick witted and charming like Dave was. He has retracted the (unapologetic, truthful, uncensored) statements he originally made in previous videos. The conversation focuses alot on his trip to Africa. 

The video below is of him talking about Hollywood. This is awhile after he got back from Africa and went to live in Ohio on a farm. This was 2010/11ish? Why would this man come back to Hollywood?! There is no way that the real Dave Chappelle who is not a soulless clone would ever willingly join the Illuminati. 

The new Dave Chappelle is also not funny. His voice is noticeably different and he exudes a very different energy/aura, like it’s not the same person.

If you’re a Dave Chappelle fan I swear, watching this Letterman interview, you’ll probably tear up a little like I did… I’m not one for idolizing celebs but Dave seemed like a good bloke. He had an awesome sense of humour and was a very talented man.

Last year at his Radio City Music Hall performance (where he hung out with Kanye, Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kartrashian, all the usual characters… there’s photo proof of this too btw of them all hanging out) he actually got booed off the stage and it was a very awkward scene.He’s definitely not funny in the interview with Letterman or his other late night videos (he’s been doing media rounds). He’s apparently getting back into the industry and becoming another Hollywood clone….an Illuminati puppet. 

I’m devastated that they finally got him. Nobody knows what went down but it must’ve been serious. He ran as far away as he could. He probably should’ve stayed there

Dave has definitely been replaced. Anybody who watches the two videos and compares will see it.
Watch him walk out… they clearly know he is a bad clone and are trying to hide it by making him wear sunglasses and sit facing away. The interview feels fully contrived… like it was pre-scripted.

I am so pissed off that Dave of all people is now just another soulless brainwashed clone who will never ever measure up to the original in any way.

For anybody who doubts this, do you really think cloning could’ve been around for this long (since the 60′s when they first successfully cloned a pig) and the evil rich elites wouldn’t try and use it to their advantage?

This sh** goes on all the time in Hollywood. Some even say that all US presidents are also cloned. GWB looked noticeably different over the years as well.

The clones are never exactly perfect. They’re good enough to fool most people but the people closest to them always notice the difference and so apparently they just off and clone them as well to cover it up.
Its said they can do it by using a host body and transferring the DNA & memories via a brainchip that has the original’s memories downloaded onto it to be transferred into the host. The technology for this stuff is widely known to exist. They’ve ‘hacked’ our brains and these microchips send a pattern of our brainwaves which are able to be decoded; messages sent AND received.