Dad Nearly Lost His Baby After She Choked On Popular Snack, Then He Sees It On The Label

posted by Eddie

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare…seeing their child gasping for air. It’s the moment that you think you’ve trained for but if it really happens you are also afraid that you will be so panicked that you will freeze up.

When we feed our babies’ FDA approved snacks that they enjoy, we genuinely feel safe and we gain enjoyment from watching them indulge in healthy snacks that they love. But, every now and then, like most things in life, we forget to read the small print on packaging and it leads to something that we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy.

When Justin Morrice gave his daughter “Gerber Lil’ Crunchies,” he didn’t think much about it, as they were her favorite snack and she had eaten them several times before. But, in just a few seconds after Morrice turned back around after rinsing her bowl in the sink, he saw his daughter gasping for air. He could tell that she was trying to cry, but the sound wasn’t escaping her mouth. He then jumped into action and starting slapping her back as he was trained to do. The panicked moment only lasted for a few seconds but it felt like a lifetime for the father. By the time her flipped her back over, her lips were blue and she was still attempting to make noise to no avail.

“I thought my little girl was going to die in my arms,” said Morrice, so intuition took over and he used his fingers to reach into her throat. When he felt the Lil’ Crunchie, he squished it between his fingers. After that, she instantly started to cry…

“The next thing I heard was the sweetest sound in the world…her crying.” He says it was “the longest and scariest minute of my life.”

He still hadn’t understood why his girl had suddenly choked on a food that she so commonly ate, so his mother started scanning the Gerber can. This is when she found the warning that Morrice would pass onto every parent he knew. In fine print, on the back of the can, it said…throw contents out after 5 days of breaking the seal.

Morrice decided to test it out for himself. He then opened a fresh can and compared it to the can that had the snack his daughter had just choked on. He was shocked by the difference. He described the older can as feeling like foam ear plugs.

“I could squish it but it would expand back out and would not break apart. The ones in the new can crumbled with ease.”

Based on the size of the cans, Morrice found it quite terrifying considering he couldn’t imagine most children that young polishing off an entire can in less than five days. While Morrice is not trying to “degrade Gerber in any way,” he is on a mission to warn others against “lazy” parenting and he has shared a post on social media advising parents to read labels carefully. It is worth the extra time spent.


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