‘Crowds On Demand’ Advertised For Crisis Actors Weeks Before Las Vegas Shooting

A California based company called ‘Crowds on Demand’ placed an advert back in August for ‘crisi actors in the Las Vegas area.

The adverts, which has since been removed, advertised for protests, Rallies, Audiences, PR Stunts, and Celebrity Events.

Crowds on Demand had also placed the same advert on Backstage.com, and as of today, it is still online:Note the wording – “attending a show/concert”:


So is it just a coincidence that 6 weeks before the La Vegas shooting farce, we have a notorious company known for hiring crisis actors placing adverts to recruit people as crisis actors for an unspecified event in Las Vegas?

As more evidence surfaces that the shooting may have been a false flag, there is further speculation that some eyewitnesses may have actually been paid crisis actors.

One eyewitness who described Las Vegas shooting detailing the moments the gunman opened fire, appeared on the popular TV show, Dr. Phil.

thanks to vigilant net users, we have a screen capture of the advert, placed in Mid August:

Witness reports state there was more than one gunman operating during the attack, but despite the overwhelming volume of accounts, the mainstream media seems to be ignoring it.Clark County Sheriff Lombard updated attendees at a press conference saying gunman Stephen Paddock “may have had hep”.

New footage has emerged from the massacre which shows another gunman on the ground firing a machine gun into the crowd.