Crazy, But True: Having Sex With A Ghost Is A Real Thing

In a world where sex with a dead person, inanimate objects and animals such as horses and dolphins is a thing, having sex with a ghost shouldn’t be a surprise in any way.

For real, having sex with ghosts is a thing, and the phenomenon is called spectrophilia. For the ones who are still scratching their heads and wondering if this is legitimate, yes, it is.

Here’s what it means: a fetish or condition where people display a strong sexual attraction to ghosts and spirits.

Don’t be taken aback, just yet. If you’re wondering this is a new-age pop-culture inspired creation of some cracked ol’ nutcase, you’re in for a surprise again.

History of spectrophilia

For as long as the other-worldly realm existed, man has fantasized and imagined having sex with the other beings. Many have claimed to have experienced the pleasures (or horrors) of having sex with a ghost.

Medieval Mesopotamian legends reveal the tale of Succubus and Incubus, demons who would invade human bodies and have sex with them. Precisely, spectrophilia has been viewed as a ‘cross-cultural’ phenomenon between humans and specters, and isn’t something new if researchers are to be believed.

In his article Ghost Modernism: A Beginner’s Guide to Spectrophilia, Mark Griffiths, Ph.D. from Nottingham Trent University, explained the lack of conclusive evidence suggesting the existence of spectrophilia. Griffiths also explores ‘addictive, obsessional, compulsive, and/or extreme behaviors’ in his blog.

In an excerpt from an article published in, he stated the lack thereof of empirical evidence about anyone truly having sex with a ghost. That said, most spectrophiles actually don’t admit to going all the way—they’re merely aroused by the idea of having relations with a spirit. Therefore, he conclusively wrote, the main sexual outlet for spectrophilia would appear to be masturbation.

But what does ghost sex feel like?

In an episode aired in August 2014, Candidly Nicole star and Paris Hilton’s ex-BFF Nicole Richie arranged for a rendezvous with Patti Negri, a witch who proclaimed to be an expert on ghost sex. Negri created a flourishing career out of her talents which included being a celebrity medium. She has also attained name and fame as a prolific thinker in the field of spectrophilia.

On the radio show Paranormal Review, Negri commented that ghost sex is more than just about having sudden orgasms.

“It’s not just like you’re feeling orgasmic,” she said. “You’re feeling specifically where they are touching: they’re touching my left breast, they’re touching down there, they’re touching something. You actually feel penetration often,” she revealed.

Spectrophilia and the celebrities

Remember Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze’s Ghost? Or Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense? These are only two in the long list of ghost-sex based films that showcased the spectrophilia in all its glory.

Candidly Nicole also wasn’t the first time that spectrophilia got its prime-time recognition among American TV viewers. Several celebrities have spoken about encountering ghosts who got down and dirty with (or so they say) ghosts in the past that showed the extent of the ghost-sex fetish among people.

For instance, actress Natasha Blasick, who coincidentally starred in Paranormal Activity 2, shared very explicit details about her ghost-sex experience. She said: “I was laying in bed and then I felt something enter the room and I couldn’t see anybody. I could feel that somebody was touching me and the hands were pushing me against my will and I could feel the weight of the body on top of me. I couldn’t see anybody but I could feel the pressure, the energy, the warmth pushing in different directions.”

In her opinion, ghost sex can get rough and spooky (touché) and not everyone can handle it. “You’re feeling specifically where they are touching: they’re touching my left breast, they’re touching down there, they’re touching something. You actually feel penetration often,” she recalled.

Blasick then went on to explain how it felt and well, here’s what she had to say—she enjoyed it. Blasick described the whole experience as ‘really pleasurable.’

In 2012, Travel Channel aired a documentary called Ghostly Lovers that featured interviews with dedicated spectrophiles.

In an interview with 20/20, widower of the late Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, told the interviewer about his ghost romp encounter in Georgia. He said:” I bought this mansion in Georgia… this was a really, really spooky place,” Brown revealed. “But yes, one time, I woke up, and yeah, a ghost. I was being mounted by a ghost,” he further added.

When asked whether he was ‘high’ or intoxicated at the time, he denied the same and said that the ghostly romp was real and he remembered seeing it vividly happening to him.

Then came Tick-Tock singer Ke$ha who admitted to having had the experience of sex with a ghost. If that wasn’t enough, she even wrote a song Supernatural about it that gave insight into what she felt about it. (The song was a part of her 2012 album Warrior).

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, she spoke about her ghost-sex experience for the first time in public. She said: “It’s about experiences with the supernatural… but in a sexy way. I had a couple of experiences with the supernatural. I don’t know his name! He was a ghost! I’m very open to it.”

Do you believe in it ? Most importantly, are you game for trying it?