Crash Site of A Giant UFO: The Devil’s Grave

Supposedly the devil is here amongst us on earth. Yes, you read that correctly, the devil has found his resting place on our mortal soil in the form of another UFO crash site. The UFO organization SAKKUFON has organized a group that was selected based on strict criteria to investigate this finding both in a thorough manner and to analyze their findings in a correct and concise process as well, giving the finding some scientific merit.

The time frame was the summer of 1992 when this crash site was found by the team, and they could not afford to waste any time. So the group was assembled to undertake the mission of finding the crash site. In order to do so, the main group was divided into three smaller groups in order to cover more ground and find the crash site more expediently. The various groups had to traverse various areas that featured some dangerous terrain as well as get through an electrical field that was rumored to have existed in the area.

These three subdivisions of the main team met one mile away from the crash site and were extremely fatigued, but the adrenaline of what was soon to be discovered was the main motivator in continuing the mission. Coming across the site, the team discovered that a powerful force field existed in the area and it caused their electronic devices to cease operating properly.

The team did not see any mysterious green bodies, but when they came closer to the flying object they did see some mysterious symbols on the craft. One of the members of the team copied these symbols down and upon further analysis, determined that these symbols were derived from an interstellar language. Perhaps this was the method in which the devil chose to communicate with us by sending an intergalactic craft to send a message to mankind.