Coworkers Buy Car For Teen Who Walks 10 Miles To Work Every Day

Derrick Taylor, a 19-year-old from Alabama, is the kind of person who puts everyone before himself. The teen was walking a full 10 miles to work every day because he couldn’t afford a car — he also couldn’t afford not to work.

For the last year and a half, Taylor has worked at a UPS loading center where he lifts heavy packages on and off of trucks. He makes $11.90 an hour — all of which goes to supporting his sick mom, who can’t work, and his siblings.

Taylor’s average night schedule looks something like this: He hits the hay early, wakes up hours before his 4 a.m. shift and walks, in pitch black dark, the five miles to work. In Taylor’s schedule, there isn’t room for complaint.

The teen’s dedicated work ethic inspired his community of coworkers — they often offered to give Taylor rides, but the young man was usually too proud to take them. They came together, raised $1,100 and took the money down to a local car dealership, where they purchased a used Jeep Cherokee.

In an emotional video, J.D. Ward, Taylor’s co-worker, presents him with his new car. Jokes and laughter are exchanged between Taylor and his work crew, but underlying the banter is a deep-rooted gratitude. “This is a hard-working young man,” Ward said. “He makes me emotional. This young man wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town.”


“The group here, we’ve got some good news for you. Everybody came together and you don’t have to walk no more,” Ward continued. “You’ve got your own ride.”

Taylor couldn’t believe it — and couldn’t hold back his tears. “If I could, I would go around and thank everybody one by one,” Taylor said in the video, as he checks out his new ride. “This is really going to change a lot for me, so thank you again.”

The team also gave him $300 to put towards liability insurance, to keep Taylor safe and covered on the road.

Taylor has been working since he was 14 to support his family — and this car has given him a glimpse of his future. “I wanna move up at UPS and become a [truck] driver and with the money I make as a driver I want to invest into something profitable,” he told the Daily Mail. “I really wanna go to school and get a degree in business and music engineering.”

For now though, the teen is simply enjoying the gift in a way that any excited young guy would — by driving his girlfriend around in his new wheels.



h/t Today