Cover A Piece of Butter With A Glass and Wait Till You See This


Undoubtedly, breakfast is known to be the most salient meal of the day. And it very rightly is! Actually, breakfast comes out as the indispensable part of everyone’s life. The very first meal of the day helps you to kick off your day and metabolism with the terrific bang.

But there are times when you, unfortunately, wake up early morning and have to make your own breakfast. That moment, you think of grabbing something delicious like butter. Now, butter is one of the favorite breakfast ingredients and is even considered healthy by many people. But the problem is when you grab the butter out of your refrigerator, it comes out as a solid brick, hard enough to cut through which makes it quite annoying.

So, to deal with the butter issue, we have come up with a solid hack that will make you have it every day throughout your life.

Butter is the favorite ingredient used in the breakfast.


Butter contains high saturated fat content and is high in fat-soluble vitamins. And so is the choice of many people.

But what really happens when you grab the butter out of the fridge?


You observe it as a very cold much like a solid brick that you can’t even cut through.

So in that case, what should you do?

Well, instead of contemplating quitting the butter, try this ‘butter softening’ solution.

You just need:

Glass and some water (hot).

Step 1: Place butter on the plate.

Step 2: Fill hot water in the glass. And let it rest for a minute.

Step 3: Then empty the glass and… Place the empty glass on the butter.

Until you see the butter getting soft to the extent you desire.

And, there we have softened butter in just a matter of few minutes.

Enjoy your meal.