Couple’s Photograph Goes Viral As Being ‘Proof of Loch Ness Monster’

The monster, the myth, the legend – this Australian couple share picture of ‘Loch Ness Monster’  – and enthusiasts agree.

Last month, when Phillippa Wearne and Peter Jackson were enjoying a holiday in Scotland, they spotted something in the loch.

Peter told the Today Show how they pulled over the car when he noticed something in the loch as he and Pip were driving past.

He said:

We were driving on the western side of the lake and I said to Pip, ‘what’s that?’. You don’t stop a car while you’re driving unless you see something special.

We pulled over as fast as we could, jumped the fence and managed to take four or five snaps of this large thing that was moving very fast in the current and quickly out of our sight.

Pip added:

It was definitely not a person. The water is about five degrees so no one goes swimming. It is really quite isolated.

We don’t know what we’ve caught but it was certainly extremely exciting.

The couple’s photos have gained them worldwide attention – with many locals and Nessie believers celebrating them, according to Peter.

He said:

We were quite overwhelmed by how seriously the locals took this, and how it has gone from showing photos to a few people to ultimately an obligation for us to report it.

But Steve Feltham, a self-titled Nessie hunter, who has been on the search for the Loch Ness Monster since 1991, has told UNILAD what the couple’s photo really is.

Steve said he’d spoken to Marcus Atkinson, a skipper for Cruise Loch Ness, who’d done four of five trips out with 15 passengers on his boat on the day in question.

He said:
Marcus is trained to spot anything on that water. He was actually on the water on the day in question and he was aware of, throughout the course of the day, a pair of blokes on a transatlantic rowing boat.

I watched the rowing boat, he went past it several times, they’d put up a makeshift spinaker on the front.

So due to the fact Marcus was on the loch that day, and travelling past, I have absolutely no reason to question to what he saw – his description marries up with the photograph.

Marcus has spoilt it for everybody. Although it’s my job and my passion to put in front of the public evidence, I can’t hide any truths.
Will we ever know the truth?!