Couple Adopts 2 Sets Of Twins With Same Birthday, Then Get Astonishing News From Doctor

Babies are the most special little miracle when they come along, and sometimes parents are blessed with– not just one little miracle– but two at once! Although twins can be a handful, they are also immediate best friends for life, sharing a special bond from before they’re even born.

In Union Grove, Wisconsin, three sets of twins were all born on the same day.JJ and Cece were born first on February 28, 2013 and– exactly one year later to the very day– Adalynn and Kenna were born. Finally, on February 28, 2016, Clarissa and Karraline were born.

The most incredible part about these six precious little ones? They all share the same mom and dad!

Yes, you read that correctly! Carrie Kosinkski and her husband Craig are parents to three sets of twins who all share the same birthday.

An old high school friend of Carrie’s reached out to her about four years ago and asked if Carrie and Craig would want to adopt the pair of twins she was pregnant with at the time. After some time of thinking it through, Carrie and Craig decided to adopt Adalynn and Kenna.

Then, about a year later, the same friend contacted Carrie and Craig again and asked if they would also like to adopt her first set of twins, JJ and Cece, who were exactly a year older than their siblings Adalynn and Kenna.

The couple agreed to adopt the second pair of twins and soon after, became pregnant with their own biological set of twins who were born on the same day as their older brother and sisters.

This impossible feat of having three sets of twins who share the same birthday has got to be a sign of blessing and love for this family. Carrie has started a GoFundMe for the “Quad Squad Adoption Fund” in the hopes that they will be able to have an adoption date of February 28th and keep the theme of that momentous date going in the family.

Carrie and Craig encourage everyone to look into adopting children and bringing them into your home to love them as your own.

“We are truly blessed to be able to call them ours and raise them,” Carrie told the Huffington Post.