Could Cannabis Be The Answer For Autism ?


Autism is a spectrum, ranging from severe to savant. What causes autism and what is the best treatments ?
It depends who you ask.

In regards to causation,there is the great work of Dr. Seneff
from MIT, who demonstrated how Monsanto’s Glyphosate (RoundUp) is directly linked to autism.

Then there is the research into the endocannabinoid system (ECS). It was discovered in the 1990’s by Israeli scientist
Dr. Mechoulam. This means solid science about the ECS only exists for the last 20 years. Most physicians didn’t learn about this
in medical scool. Instead of integrating this system into our current understanding of the human organism,
many downplay its relevance to disease or even question its existence. Probably fed by disbelieve, as we have been misled
for so long. Reefer madness ring a bell ?

Monsanto, “sigh”!

Monsanto claims that Roundup is safe for you. Newer studies beg to differ. “It causes a
damage to the shikimate pathway”, as Dr. Seneff pointed out.
This pathway is named after the process when “good” floral bacteria in the gut transport amino acids into your blood stream
for utilization in virtually every system of the human body. If you do not absorb your “essential” amino acids, you are running into trouble.
Amino acids are the building blocks that are required for proper human function and homeostasis.

There is a plethora of other toxic effects of Roundup that are beyond the scope of this article, but include damage to our own detox
reactions driven by the liver and the brain, as well as well as leading to shortages in the production of neurotransmitters.
All this because it messes with the gut bacteria, which help us absorb these nutrients ? Yes. It just makes sense.

In my state of Michigan, only 16% of newborns are exclusively breastfed. That means almost 8/10 babies are on some sort of supplementation.
Most formulas are soy based. Most soy is genetically modified. Once you plant a GMO crop like soy, they spray Roundup on it.
This genetic and toxic violation of nature leaves the end product not only toxic, but also leaves it nutritionally less complete as
organically grown produce. The results are detrementous to the gastrointestinal system of a developing child.
It renders them not only deficient of a healthy detoxifying immune system, but also carries the risk of all the resulting damaging effects as
described by the findings of Dr. Seneff.

The WHO reported just recently that Roundup is linked with lymphomas. Monsanto is trying very hard to fight this
claim. Of course they do. With a little research you will discover how well Monsanto has infiltrated not only
the White House, but also controls Congress. Their power seems limitless.

So what’s what’s up with the Endocannabinoid system ?

A Stanford study in 2013 found that there is a protein mutation in autistic brains that controls secretion of
our own cannabinoid, eg. Anandamide. You are producing this as you read this text. It is a normal messenger in your body.
When you get your “runner’s high”, endorphins and endocannabinoids are released in higher quantities. Endocannabinoids are
found in breast milk, stimulating appetite and give the baby a general feeling of comfort. When my girls breastfed, I often
saw them fall asleep with a smile on their face. Total bliss !

So could the damage to your ECS be caused by these chemicals ? It is unproven, but let’s
plot the rise of autism since the 80’s against the sales of RoundUp hitting the markets that decade. They are paralleling. Coincidence?

With the right amount of exposure of GMO’s and RoundUp, along with toxic burdens of live vaccines
and further dangerous chemicals used by the food industry, we are causing damage to the developing brains of our future generations.
Many studies demonstrate autistic children to be in an “inflammatory state”. CBD, a compound of the cannabis planet, has been shown to have
anti-inflammatory effects! The US government has a patent on that alone ! Coincidence ? Come on.

So why don’t adults become autistic ?

Because their neurons have formed and have connected. A newborn creates around 250,000 new neurons every minute.
With every new experience of the little human, the neurons connect with each other. If you lack signaling, eg. damaging
the endocannabinoid system, the neurons will keep multiplying, but not connect and you end up on the “spectrum”.
That is why these affected kids have such a hard time learning. A 10 year old could have the mind set of a one year old.
If you start with cannabis treatment in your child too late, you most likely will see results, but it will take years,
as they “start off where they left off”. Early intervention is key. The ability to reform neuronal connections is the foundation
of the concept of neuroplasticity.

Why can’t I wait for (better) studies?

Cannabis is under federal prohibition. It is not only the autism incidence that is exploding in our children,
but diseases like fibromyalgia and other inflammatory conditions in adults. Fibromyalgia is a pain-signaling problem. There really is nothing wrong with
your muscles per se. Why do they treat this with anti-depressants ? Again, a dis-regulation of the endocannabinoid system!
Cannabinoids are far superior than conventional treatments, demonstrated by a recent study.

The cannaboinoids are essential in so many various systems of the human body. From immune and seizure threshold regulation
to neuropsychiatric neurotransmitter control. It has as a garden variety of anti cancer properties as well.
While researching this topic, I came across several US government patents that tried to patent the compounds in the
cannabis planet for its “neuroprotection” and “anti-cancerous” effects. They are trying to re-classify these compounds as new antioxidants.
On the flip side, they are imposing prohibition on a federal level, limiting human trials until, it appears, they have a plan to completely
regulate this market for profit.

Decriminalization is only a state reality. The word on the street is that there is a private sector emerging trying to
completely have the cannabis market controlled by several big corporations.
This is a horrible idea, since the profit still is in high THC products, not high CBD products. The danger exists that
this market which brings true medicinal values will be not only be completely suppressed, but also forgotten.
We need to act. Before it is too late. By 2025, it is predicted every other child will be autistic.

Here in Michigan we are trying to allow Autism on the qualifying condition list for the state’s medicinal Marijuana program.
The vote is July 20th, 2015. If the vote is in favor, it would be the first in the country and a huge step towards
the light at the end of the tunnel. I truly believe a reversal of the disease process in patients affected with Autism is not
a quack-doctor misinformation rant, but really a fascinating reality. I have seen complete reversals of the most severe
forms with my own eyes. This reality needs to be considered by any parents who are affected with severe autism in their family.
The alternative choices could literally kill your child. Please check into the side effects of Klonopin. It is horrifying and in my opinion
unethical to arrest a parent for administering this plant. They are literally forcing us into dangerous, profit driven pharmaceutical intervention.

The US government is not there to protect you FROM Marijuana. It appears,they are there to protect big interest in the private sector.
As Mr. Sullum from Forbes Magazine so nicely noted, “If anything, that rationale suggests marijuana should be legal while alcohol
should be banned, rather than the reverse. Judging from this example, the distinctions drawn by our drug laws have little, if anything,
to do with what science tells us about the relative hazards of different intoxicants.”

Cannabis is the answer for Autism. Please argue with science, not with policies or racial stigmas. It is science that needs to dictate treatment.
I am ashamed of how the administration refuses to debate this issue in an open forum. So many are suffering. So many could be
helped. Stop trying to make a dollar of this. You owe us immediate decriminalization and approval for federally funded studies.
It appears that you were part of the problem along with your buddies from Monsanto.Make yourself part of the solution instead.
After all, we all just want our kids to be healthy.


Dr. Bogner

Dr. Christian Bogner is parent of an affected child with severe autism and independent researcher from Michigan.
He is editor for, the central authority on Cannabis research data. Along with his Michigan based lawfirm
“Komorn law” they have sued the State to have their petition, “adding Autism to be a qualifying diagnosis for the
medical Marijuana Program”, heared. The final vote in Michigan is July 20th. He is presenting testimonies, research information
as well as videos and other resources on his Facebook site “Let it grow for Autism”. His research is supported by Dr. Chugani,
Chief of pediatric Neurology at the Children’s hospital of Michigan, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, 40 year central authority of neuropsychiatric
research at Harvard University and High Times Lifetime achievement award winner as well as Dr. Ron Paul, member, US house of representatives.