Costco Tried Hiding The Truth, But It Didn’t Work – Do Not Buy Their Eggs


Eight years ago, Costco pledged never to use caged chickens ever again. They updated their egg packaging to include the words “cage-free” along with an image of a happy chicken freely roaming a farm. It seemed like they were following through on their promise to all their customers.

But what if Costco was just putting on a show to make you buy more eggs? Would you ever trust Costco again? What if Costco was actually treating their chickens WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE…That hardly even scratches the surface of the scandal the giant wholesaler has found themselves in once video from the chicken farms was released recently.

Undercover investigators went to see how Costco really raises their chickens, the results might be too disturbing for some viewers to handle.

Beware: The scenes in the video below include animal abuse and horrific conditions.

If you shop at Costco, the Humane Society of the United States conducted an investigation that you will definitely want to see. And after watching what their cameras caught on tape, you will never be able to trust Costco at their word again.


What kind of company claims they’re “cage free” and then imprisons chickens in the worst conditions imaginable?

The Humane Society did ever Costco shopper a service when they took a hidden camera behind the scenes to look at the conditions of the chickens at Costco’s egg suppliers. The result is disgusting…

In the video, we clearly see that Costco has lied about their eggs. The chickens are caged and do not have the freedom the national wholesaler claims to have granted them. How can a big company get away with such a blatant lie…

As seen in the verified video, the chickens were housed in the worst possible conditions an animal can live in. Many are unable to survive. And others are forced to walk over corpses in order to access the limited food and dirty water.

The birds were packed into cages with wire bottoms. These prisons were so full, the birds couldn’t even spread their wings.

Some of the chickens can’t even reach the food and water because of the packed cages. These birds die. Their bodies stay there, decomposing, until someone sees them. But usually the workers are so busy they don’t have time to pick up the dead chickens. They have more important tasks than cleaning up dead corpses in the food room.


The living chickens continue to lay eggs on top of the rotting chicken corpses.

Did you know the Center for Food Safety says that keeping chickens in tightly packed cages increases the risk of Salmonella? Costco seems to be ignoring this fact.

Not only did Costco lie about selling their loyal customers “cage free” eggs, they are also exposing millions of Americans to a higher-risk of Salmonella poisoning. That means people can get sick and possibly die.

Costco needs to fix this problem immediately. Don’t you agree?