Coronavirus End Game: The Economic Crisis & Roll Out of The New Digital Financial System

In this report, Spiro Skouras recaps the events leading up to the current global coronavirus outbreak, while looking ahead at the looming financial crisis and how the virus will likely be blamed, providing cover for the crimes committed by the central bankers.

Spiro also analyzes the potential outcomes of the current situation, which includes a major step towards a cashless society and global governance, as the current crisis seems to be playing right into the hands of the central bankers and the United Nations.

In today’s modern world, information moves at the speed of light. People are able to communicate instantly, even face to face at the touch of a button. But even with the world at our fingertips, very few understand, or even care to understand how the world really works, even at their own detriment.

For generations the US dollar has been the global reserve currency helping to propel the US to become the greatest superpower the world has ever seen. Far too many people just accept this as just the way it is. After all, we can trust the government right?

This report documents where we are today, how we got here and where we are heading. The current global monetary system is about to change forever and the world’s financial institutions have been preparing for years, are you ready?