Cops Who Were Caught on Video Robbing and Terrorizing Store Owners Will Not Face Charges


A sickening injustice happened this week in Philadelphia. Several Cops who were even caught on video terrorizing 22 Philly bodega owners will not be facing any criminal charges.

A Philadelphia plainclothes narcotics squad had barreled into the immigrants’ bodegas, guns drawn. They had cut the wires on the stores’ video surveillance systems, robbed thousands of dollars from the cash drawers, stolen food and merchandise and then trashed the shops on their way out the door.
“The only way a cop can lose his job in this city is if he shoots another cop during roll call.”
Video from one of the heists can be seen below. One of these scumbags starts barraging the store owner, asking him if it was uploading to his computer at his house. Then he cuts the wires!
According to, the shop owners were all legal immigrants. None had criminal records. Nor had they ever met – they hailed from four corners of the city and spoke different languages. Yet the stories they told Daily News reporters Barbara Laker and Wendy Ruderman were identical.
The fact that this disgusting villainy was caught on film and had 22 different witnesses makes it a fairly easy case to prosecute right? Not in police state America.


One of the cops, speaking of this incident told that “The only way a cop can lose his job in this city is if he shoots another cop during roll call.”

Ronnie Polaneczky, from the Daily News highlights that the offending officers,

who’ve been on desk duty since Laker and Ruderman wrote about them in 2009, will likely get back their jobs, their guns and the chilling entitlement that allowed them to turn the bodega owners’ American dream into an American outrage.

Also, because this is Philly, they’ll probably be awarded lost overtime, too, because we have no shame in this town.

Sources tell the Daily News that none of the bodega owners was ever called by a grand jury to tell their stories.
You know who else were ignored by federal investigators and the District Attorney’s Office? The three women who claimed that one of the rogue cops – a menacing dirtbag named Tom Tolstoy – sexually assaulted them during drug raids. One of the women couldn’t get anyone in the Police Department’s Special Victims Unit to listen to her story until her attorney interceded.
Like the bodega owners, the women had no criminal records and were never charged as a result of the raids. They had never met each other, yet shared with Laker and Ruderman hellish stories of encounters with Tolstoy.All three said they had been fondled. Two reported the assaults immediately to police. The third was digitally penetrated and walked to a hospital for treatment.

Sadly this type of inequity and injustice is par for the course when it comes to police, as well as government in general. These gangs of costumed thugs with their shiny badges, run rampant, exploiting the ones they’ve sworn to protect, all the while being worshiped by the curtseying sheep for ‘keeping them safe.’