Cops Warn Of New Scam That’s Targeting Any Driver Who Visits A Gas Station

While it has never happened to me, I can imagine that getting mugged is terrifying. When someone with a gun or knife comes up to you and asks you for your belongings, the victim must feel their heart in throat. Their lives are on the line for the small amount of money in their purse or wallet. While I was living in Los Angeles, one of my coworkers was robbed a gunpoint. He was traumatized because it happened near his apartment. So not only was he afraid that the mugger was going to get him, but that he was not even safe at home. Getting mugged is horrible. That’s why police are issuing a new warning to women who carry purses. And it involves what the cops call “sliders.” Learn more below.

While most people think of sliders as a beef appetizer on bread, it actually refers to a trick purse snatchers use to steal your belongings.

The new trend first surface back in 2013. Now police are warning everyone they meet to watch out for these despicable criminals. Not only is it an easy crime for muggers to commit, it is something that affects all women who carry purses.

The trick is simple. When someone pulls into a gas station to get their gas tanked filled up, another car will pull up on the passenger side. While they appear to be busy working on the gas pump on the other side, they’re actually planning their crime.

Another person will leave the criminal’s car and then get down low so they can “slide” over along the dirty gas station ground to open the unlocked door. And when they get inside your car, they simply help themselves to everything you own. The most commonly stolen item is the purse left on the passenger seat. What woman brings her purse with her while filling up her gas tank?

Criminal justice professor and retired NYPD Detective Joe Giacalone has some bleak news to share with CBS News: “Generally, women are the victims because of the pocketbook, because it’s an easy target. It has a strap, you can just reach in and grab it.”

Sliders also target laptop bags, loose smartphones, wallets, and briefcases. Basically, they’ll slide up on you and take anything they can grab and quickly go. It is all about being quick to them. And it is becoming a huge trend in the crime community.

Sliding is a sneaky tactic used by quick thieves. It is not a violent crime, but it does leave you without your phone or your purse.

Police simply want to warn you so you can protect your belongings.

When you go to a gas station, observe your surroundings.

Lock your doors.

If someone gets close to your vehicle, greet them so they know you see them.

Police recommend removing keys from the ignition and lock doors. This will prevent sliders from getting what they want from you.

Although this is a new criminal trend that all the thugs are doing, you can protect yourself by putting the police tips to use for you.