Cops Go To Wrong House To Make Arrest, Let Dog Out, Shoot At Dog In Crowded Area

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Brooklyn, NY — Several officers attempting to make an arrest at the wrong house quickly turned their incompetence into a deadly situation.

As police were trying to force their way into the wrong home, they irresponsibly let the home owner’s dog loose.

When the dog ran out, he was naturally in an excited state. The dog jumped on a frightened lieutenant but didn’t cause any harm. Then one NYPD officer, with absolutely no regard for his surroundings pulled out his service weapon and fired his gun at point blank range.

As the incident unfolded, a crowd had gathered, some of the people in the crowd had their cameras rolling. One video captured this reckless shooting first hand, from only several feet away.

Luckily for this dog, this officer was a horrid shot. Also lucky were the people in the crowd who managed to avoid being hit by any of the bullet fragments as they ricocheted off the concrete.

“No, no you wrong. You wrong. You’re dead *expletive* wrong for that,” a person in the crowd yelled after the officer shot.

“It didn’t’ dawn on me it was a gun…you almost shot me,” said Jason Holley, an eyewitness explained how a spark from the ricochet hit the man behind him

“Are you serious? There are kids out here,” another witness said.

“You’re at the wrong house,” another person yelled.

The name of the officer who endangered the lives of all around him has not been released and it’s unclear whether or not he will face any discipline.

According to WABC, police acknowledged they tried to make the arrest at the wrong home.