Cop Versus Two Informed Teens Who Refuse To Submit To An Unlawful Detainment

Minolta DSC

Below is a great example of how police harass the innocent.

C.J. and Matt were simply walking, at night. They had committed no crime and presented no threat to another’s property or person when a police officer decided to detain them.

This police officer had no reasonable suspicion to stop these guys so he says they were loitering. Apparently walking through a public space at night, is now loitering.

After stopping them, the officer claims that not answering questions is ‘suspicious activity.’

Apparently the 5th Amendment to the Constitution is ‘suspicious’ to this cop.

Some people will say that he should have consented and answered the questions this cop was asking. However they have probably never heard this lecture, by officer George Bruch of the Virginia Beach Police Department, explaining why you should ‘never, never, never, ever talk to the police, ever.’

The police will all to often use your own words to imply that a crime has been committed, even if you are innocent.

Around the 4:30 mark in the video, C.J. makes this officer look pretty silly.

It was good that C.J. got this jab in early as the night had apparently just started for these cops. Tax payer money well spent.