Cop Ambushed By 3 Armed Men, Watch All Hell Break Loose When He Presses The Button To Release His K9

The unimaginable happened to this police officer from Long Beach, Mississippi. It all started when Deputy Todd Frazier pulled over to check on a car after noticing it’s lights were off and the man in the front seat appeared to be passed out.

But instead of finding an injured man, this kind-hearted cop was ambushed. Suddenly, his kindness was greeted by two men who distracted him while the driver jumped out and restrained him.

The three men dragged Frazier into the nearby woods. All hope appeared to be lost, but Frazier had a secret weapon.

As he was being dragged off to meet his fate, Frazier activated his key chain which unlocked his squad car’s doors. His loyal K-9 officer, aka: “Lucas” jumped out of the vehicle and chased the criminals down–biting one and scaring off the other two.

Chief Deputy Don Bass explained in the report, “They told him they were going to slit his throat, and they were dragging him toward the woods. The attackers meant to drag Frazier into the woods, kill him, and dump his body.”

Frazier suffered a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead from what a doctor believes was a box cutter and multiple other bodily injuries. He was taken to a local hospital and released. The three criminals still remain at large, but thank GOD for the officer’s fearless, loyal companion.

Stories like this prove that God has a higher purpose for His furry creations. We’re so thankful for you, Lucas. Thank you for saving this brave officer’s life!

I will lay down my life for you
and expect nothing but love in return.
I protect my officer with my life,
and would gladly take a bullet in his place.
I am sent in to find lost children
and fugitives on the run.
I find drugs and weapons and even bombs.
I am the first sent in
and sometimes the last to leave.
I am the nose and ears of my officer.
I will protect and serve him.
I would die for him and for you.
I only ask for compassion and a kind word.