Recently Released Child Molester Moves In Next Door To Victim — and It’s Legal

Wrong on so many levels…

Following convicted child molester Harold English’s release from prison, the victim’s family received heartbreaking news that their daughter’s abuser would be moving into the home next door.

While Oklahoma law currently prohibits convicted sex offenders from living in close proximity to near schools or public grounds such as parks, there is nothing that says an individual is prohibited from living near their victims. This is something that the victim’s family is now demanding lawmakers to change.

According to reports, following English’s release he notified authorities that he would be moving into his mother’s home which happens to be located approximately 100 yards away from the home of now 21-year-old Danyelle Dyer.

Speaking on the matter, Danyelle told media that “He’s like right there, practically in my backyard and that kind of makes me nervous and not want to go home ever.”

Fighting for the law to be changed, Danyelle explains that her family’s request is very simple “It’s adding one word in there where it talks, where they can and can’t live, just adding ‘victim’ right there along with schools and playgrounds.”


Danyelle and her family say her uncle, Harold English, recently got out of prison and moved in with his mother whose property is just over the fence.

“When you have to see it, I can only imagine what it does to my daughter when she’s there and she has to witness it,” said Laurina Dyer. “She shouldn’t have to. Very heartbreaking.”

Hard for mom to talk about and even harder for dad.

“Not only is my daughter feeling her past come back to haunt her, but a lot of years of rage and anger that I’ve kept under my collar is sitting right outside my door,” said Greg Dyer.

“She’s had to bring her deepest, darkest secrets out for the public to view just to try to rid this person of her life.”

And that’s exactly what Danyelle did. She posted about her new neighbor on Facebook, including the words “meet my abuser and my new neighbor.”

KFOR spoke with Representative Kyle Hilbert who states that he is currently working with the Dyer family and hopes to get a new law addressing this issue on the books shortly.

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