Controversial Illustrations By A Polish Artist Reveal The Darker Side of Modern Society

I know, we’ve been inundated by these ‘darker side of humanity’ illustrations recently, but these ones, somehow, feel different. The concepts, the lines, the deeper ideas — all took my breath away, leaving me speechless at some and confused by others (like the one with the guy looking like a puppet tethered to the moon being pulled by a small boy).

Illustrator and artist Graficzne Igor Morski co-owns Polish art studio Morski, creating dreamlike illustrations laced with hidden meaning. He has an academic background in interior architecture and industrial design and worked in public broadcasting in the 80s and 90s, where he won numerous awards in arts communication. He then jumped into a career creating press illustrations and opened his studio, and his surreal images clearly reflect, I think, a creative merging of these two industries.

Morski told Bored Panda that sometimes he likes to use popular and easily recognizable symbols, like Pinnochio’s long nose, in his illustrations, but more often prefers to create his own:

However, most frequently I have tried to think up my own symbols. For example, [my piece] “creative archaeology” is about the commercialisation of archaeology. There, I depict a halved human head filled with the sand with a stylized figure of Indiana Jones, the archaeologist, at the top. The symbolism becomes clear. On the one hand, you have the head filled with the sand, on the other, the figure digging in it.

Do YOU dig these images? They might make you uncomfortable, or create that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach (or at least they do for me), but I would argue that this is probably a good thing, that it suggests the images resonate on a deeper level. Art is supposed to evoke something within us. Morski’s creative expression outlines concepts and ideas in our modern society that perhaps we are not privy to because we’re just ‘so in it.’ All we can ever ask for is another perspective. So, take these in, and do as you will with them.