‘CONTACT’ The Most Powerful UFO Film Ever Made


In 2014 a mysterious Alien Language was discovered, and this language was being transmitted through home video’s all over the earth. This UFO message was detected in 2013 and deciphered in 2014, and the reality of its message will shake the entire world.

A new documentary film on UFO’s has virtually eliminated all arguments against their existence. Writer-Director, Damon T. Berry has unveiled a completely new approach to authenticating UFO existence in his new Documentary Film, “Contact 2014.” It is a UFO Documentary like no other, and it raises serious concerns about the overall state of our readiness to confront the reality of the existence of alien life. In the film:”Contact 2014,” the common wisdom of both the believers and non-believer alike are completely silenced by the overwhelming evidence that proves that we as humanity just aren’t intelligent enough to see what is happening to us every day…….Alien Contact.

The movie reveals that within every innocent UFO Home Video is a very important and staggering alien message. A message that nearly everyone on earth has seen, because all of us have by now have seen a video or two on UFO’s. However, what we haven’t seen is the communication. What is startling is the fact that for the last 30 years these alien videos are in persistently conveying a message of open communication between the two species. An alien message interlaced within every single UFO Video in the world and although this message has been seen by nearly everyone on earth, its message has escaped our intelligence completely undetected. “Contact 2014,” highlights a gripping and unsettling look at the increase in UFO Sightings around the world and their correlation between what we know and what we don’t.

This movie answers some of our greatest questions and virtually turns the academic world upside down. Ask yourself, “What is the Universal Language?” If you answered, music or mathematics you would be completely wrong. This film constantly highlights the unintelligent nature that creates the framework of our civilization. It reveals the great gulf between alien intelligence and ours, and it humbles even the wisest among us. It is by far the most credible UFO Film ever made and once you see it, I can assure you, you will feel like the rest of us….very unprepared.