Conspiracy Theories Destroy Efforts To Combat The Status Quo

Conspiracy theories are perhaps the most destructive force inside the movement to create real change around the world. The prevalence of the theories scurrying around has created an environment in which those who would be willing to take a stand feel it’s a waste of time because the Illuminati, Jews, lizard people, Masons, Vatican, or whoever is already in control of everything. It’s hopeless to continue the fight.

Conspiracies happen. For years, I’ve pointed out real examples of government conspiracies and encouraged people to research them. The problem arises when a person, who needs to find order in the chaos seeks to connect every evil act or corrupt action to some overriding thematic element. This inevitably leads them to the conclusion that just a few people control the entire world. What is a single person to do when confronted with opposition like that? They give up.

In the case of the Vegas shooting, conspiracy theories swamped social media before the bodies were even cold. Of course, some don’t even believe there were bodies. It always happens after a tragic event. Whether it be hurricanes and HAARP or shootings and MK-Ultra; somehow it’s the work of “them”. It’s their will, and their will is infallible.

Does that sound familiar at all? Hasn’t it always been the case? If a volcano erupted and destroyed a village in ancient Rome, it was the will of Vulcan. If a flood devastated an area, it was God’s will. Throughout history, major tragedies were simply stated to be the will of gods. These conspiracy theories suggesting some overriding conspiracy to control the world have elevated “them” to the rank of deities. They’re gods or devils, depending on your view of the incident.

How does one muster the courage to fight back against the devil himself? Why would you even try? You can’t shoot the devil in the back. He knows. What happens if you miss?

Many see the global elite as part of an organization with tentacles stretching through every entity in the world. Rather than this imagery, I would suggest seeing it as a spider web with dozens of spiders crawling on it. The rich and powerful aren’t arms of a giant organism. They’re individual actors using connections to move on their prey. There’s no singular entity controlling the world. There are a bunch of power-hungry sociopaths vying for control.

Sometimes, bad things happen and they know nothing about it. Sometimes, they orchestrate bad things. In every scenario, they’re just people. Flesh and blood. Mortal. Corruptable. Fallible. There’s no great mystery behind it. There’s no devil controlling the fate of the world and pulling the strings of the elite. There are a bunch of people acting in their own self-interest and sometimes they cooperate. Do they fall in line if someone more powerful than themselves asks for their help? Probably, to obtain favors later.

However, they are just people. They can be defeated. We can build a world where we don’t have to blame starving children, pollution, murder, genocide, and every other evil on the wills of gods and masters featured in every conspiracy theory. They aren’t better than you. They just have more money and more connections. You can beat them, but you have to get off YouTube and get in the fight.