Confession of An Illuminati Human Programmer & Hollywood’s Role In The Illuminati


This post, and the information and links contained within it, presumes you are already informed enough to know the Illuminati, or The New World Order as some refer to it, is all TOO real. For the most part, time is short, so trying to “win over” the hearts and minds of the ignorant is no longer a fool’s errand many of us in the alternative media wish to partake in. For the most part, this post will be broken down into 4 basic parts:

#1. A brief introduction to the Illuminati

#2. Hollywood’s role in the “programming” of the masses in accordance with the Illuminati agenda

#3. An actual confession from a former Illuminati Human Programmer (WARNING: The content of this portion discusses traumatic programming in some detail, and could be very triggering to survivors who have undergone this type of abuse. If you are a survivor, please do not read unless you are with a safe person, or with your therapist)

#4. What to expect and more information


As I said, for the most part this post is not intended to try to win anyone over if they are not already a believer. I’ll be sure to say a prayer for them when the sh** hits the fan. Dave Hodges, Host of The Common Sense Show, once said in a post:

“Some of my very best contacts have told me that it is time to stop warning the people, because it is now time to start hiding from the wrong people.” 

Not being of the belief that it is time to go into hiding or shut up completely YET, I’ll offer one nugget to anyone still questioning the existence of a New World Order to begin this post, and TONS more information can be found provided within the links throughout the post, and at the bottom. So, unless you’ve been living under rock, you know the U.S. is now approximately $19 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt. We are the largest debtor nation on the planet. We are also one of the two largest economies in the world, the other being China. Said another way, we are “allegedly” the biggest and baddest boys on the block (if you listen to mainstream media or “conventional thinking”).

It could be debated I suppose, although how intelligently I don’t know, whether or not a “New World Order” is real or whether it is no more than the manufactured fantasy of “Conspiracy Theorists.” What CANNOT be debated however, is whether There Are Really 13 Global Banking Families That Own the World. The Rothschild’s, arguably the wealthiest of those families, is estimated to be worth approximately $500 TRILLION DOLLARS. Compare that with the national debt of the most powerful superpower on earth accumulated over the 239 years of our existence, and the math does not lie. The Rothschild’s alone could buy or sell the United States several times over with the money in their piggy bank.

Therefore, since we all know money is power, I rest my case on whether there is a global cabal that ACTUALLY runs the world behind the FACADE that the mainstream media tells us runs the world. Case closed. For an absolutely earth shattering look into this Secret Society, the following documentary, only an hour in length, will take your breath away.



The Following is the official trailer to Hollywood’s new comedy “American Ultra”:

Hollywood has long played a role in desensitizing not only the American people in particular, but also those all over the world to the agenda of the Illuminati. That should come as no shock. After all, the Illuminati are the world’s elite, meaning the uber wealthy, and look at the wealth concentrated in Hollywood. It’s all about “propaganda.”

Family members of any of the victims from America’s MKUltra Program, are no doubt not amused by Hollywood making light of approximately 7,000 U.S. soldiers who were subjected to shockingly inhumane psychochemical experimentation conducted under the supervision of former Nazi scientists that should have been tried with war crimes after World War II. Instead, over 20,000 Nazi scientists were given new identities and top roles here within U.S. science programs as part of “Operation Paperclip.”

In that post, the author writes:

Edgewood Arsenal, located near Baltimore, Md., is the most secret military base in the country. Paperclip scientists worked there between 1947 and 1966 conducting experiments on human beings. Initially, their main efforts were to test the poison gases that had been invented by the Nazis during the war. Soon, the testing turned to LSD and other mind-control agents. Nazi science that was reminiscent of concentration camp experimentation was used as the basis for research in the United States on humans.

MKULTRA is the name of the mind control experiments conducted on U.S. soldiers under Operation Paperclip. Reviewing the experiments in the late 1950s, one CIA auditor wrote of them:

Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions.”

Master Sergeant James Stanley, for one, remembers being locked in an isolated room with barred windows, padded walls and furniture bolted to the floor. A doctor instructed him to drink a glass of clear liquid containing LSD, telling him it was water. An hour later, Stanley’s head filled with terrifying visions and he became violently ill.


Aaron Jolly, in an article titled, American Ultra, Men In Black, and Hollywood Desensitizing Propaganda, writes:

I must preface this article with the fact I haven’t yet seen American Ultra. I’m sure I will at some point, but I’m in no hurry. I think I get the gist.

So in American Ultra Jesse Eisenberg’s stoner lead character is unknowingly a sleeper agent and the CIA-like agency that created him decides they want to kill him off. I saw it described on a forum as The Bourne Identity on weed, and that’s kind of what I expected judging by the trailer. Sprinkle a bit of love interest in with Kristen Stewart’s character and we have the recipe for a typical lackluster Hollywood action comedy.

It isn’t the mediocre nature of the plot that worries me here. It is the clear correlation of the themes and plot with the true accounts of the CIA mind control program MK Ultra. Even in so much as the title, which is a clear reference. This could be seen by less jaded, more optimistic eyes as some sort of disclosure or drip-feeding of truth to the masses. Which, to some extent it is, but I fear that its actual agenda is far more dangerous.

Similarly to Men In Black, another film dealing with the more secretive side of the American governments, is that the film is shown in order to desensitize its audience to the facts. To put these facts within a fictional narrative and universe, thus taking away any credibility for the true parts of the story. What would your everyday folk who sustain themselves on mainstream media say if you brought up the men in black to them? “Oh I liked Will Smith in that movie, it’s hilarious.” They wouldn’t even begin to be aware of the actual theories involving black suited agents and various government cover-ups be it aliens or classified technology, depending on which angle you come at it from.

From what I can see, American Ultra is attempting to do the same thing with government supported mind control. Simultaneously placing it in the public consciousness yet discrediting it by framing it within a stoner comedy, because only a whacked out stoner would think things like this actually happen… As Roseanne Barr once said “MK Ultra rules in Hollywood” and I believe her, these two films seem like perfect examples of this subtle conditioning that is being used on the public.

Another somewhat related point a friend made to me when I was mentioned this article was Sex Tape, the film starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel that came out last year. It was uncannily similar and well timed with all the celebrity nude photos that were leaked off of the cloud. Coincidence? Marketing stunt? I couldn’t possibly say. All I can notice is that it is another example of Hollywood taking influence from real world events or vice versa. This isn’t the only example of these eerie coincidences involving Hollywood and the public sphere. Though a fascinating coincidence and with potential of deeper significance, I feel the point I’m making about American Ultra and MIB to be of more importance to readers

Hiding facts involving CIA mind control in plain sight at this time when there has been a surge in interest surrounding MK Ultra and ’60s counter culture makes sense and the film acts as a perfect smokescreen. Popular theories involving Laurel Canyon in the 60s and various military industrial objectives are of particular interest when speaking about American Ultra. Looking at its marketing campaign, in which the two lead characters are sitting cross-legged looking very hippy trippy with multiple arms, bongs, and guns in hands. This in itself along with the film title being written in smoke allude to 60s hippie culture whilst trivializing it and making it seem unreal.

To conclude I think that American Ultra is acting as a ruse to put people off researching further into MK Ultra’s involvement in the 60s counter culture. Much in the same way Men In Black did for government agents covering up UFOs. These films make these subjects taboo that can be easily mocked by the mainstream as they can now be brushed away as ideas taken from a movie. In opposition to what I believe to be true, being that these films take inspiration from real life events.

For a better understanding of Hollywood’s role in programming the public, the following special is not only very incitefull, it will probably be scary as hell to most people. With that said, it’s also done in a very entertaining way. If you take the time to watch the whole thing, when you see the VERY SPECIFIC instances of Hollywood productions shown, it’s very scary indeed. Wow. Eerie.


ALSO: Don’t miss where this same Former Illuminati Shares Symbols, Clues, and Infiltration of Government Levels. 

HJ Springer, Chief Editor writes:

Near Death Programming: 

(******WARNING******* : the content of this article discusses traumatic programming in some detail, and could be very triggering to survivors who have undergone this type of abuse. If you are a survivor, please do not read unless you are with a safe person, or with your therapist)

This is part of an ongoing series on complex programming that I am writing as an outline for a sequel to my first book, “Breaking the Chain”. In this article, I will be discussing one of the most traumatic forms of programming that a survivor can undergo.

This programming involves the use of Near Death Experiences.

The Illuminati have studied human neurophysiology for years, and the effects of traumatic conditioning on the human brain and psyche. In their search for better and more reliable methods of ingraining programming, they have utilized research from a variety of sources: governmental agencies; totalitarian regimes, and their own experimentation that is ongoing on a continuous (and secretive) basis.

But some of the foundations for this type of programming have been in place for centuries. One of the oldest rituals that the Illuminati utilize is the “resurrection ceremony”. In fact the Phoenix, symbol of death and new life, is one of their highest symbols and symbolizes the coming of the New Order and its leader.

How is resurrection programming done, or its variations? I will share what I have undergone and/or witnessed.

A young child of around two or three will be very heavily traumatized during an occult ceremony. They will be abused, beaten, shocked and even suffocated, and given drugs to create a state that is near death. The child will almost always at this point feel that they are suspended above their body, watching the unconscious body beneath that has been tortured to the point of being near death.

There will always be medical personnel involved in programming at this depth, who are skilled at monitoring the child’s physical state, and of resuscitating them. Resuscitation equipment and medications are on hand at all times.

The child in this extremity will have their deepest core called out at this point, and brought to consciousness in extreme pain. They will then be told that they have a “choice”: to face certain death, or to choose life if they will invite a powerful demon inside. The child chooses life. The demon enters, the child goes unconscious, and then awakens later in clean clothing, in a soft bed, with healing ointments on.

They are extremely weak and shaky, and are told by a kind, caring, soft voiced woman (or man) that the child had died, but the demon “brought them back to life”, that they owe their very life and heart beat to it and those who “saved them”. The child is also told that if they ask the demonic entity to leave, that they will revert to the near death/dying state they were in when it made its entrance.

This is one type of near death experience used to control and terrify a very young child, and to force it to accept a demonic spirituality under the most traumatic and coercive circumstances imaginable. The child feels marked and chosen for life by this experience, and it profoundly influences the child’s core beliefs about him/herself and their deepest reality. It is also one of the most horrible manipulations of a young child that can occur, and is designed to take away their free choice or will.

Another form of near death programming will occur in a situation that has often been called “governmental mind control” but which I always viewed as linked to the Illuminati programming (since the trainers/scientists in each crossed over from one to the other and shared information).

For example, at Tulane Medical Center, nearby, was a place known as the “Institute”. The Institute was involved in experimentation in mind control techniques put in under the most extreme circumstances, including at the point of near physical death. For some of this programming, a “subject” (how I hate that word, used by trainers to emotionally distance themselves from the fact that this was a human being, with feelings and emotions being worked on) would be in a hospital ward, isolated from others by blank grey white walls.

The subject was tied down by four points, and also across the waist and neck. They were then wrapped in a cocoon like manner with soft gauze, to limit movement or any feeling or sensation in the limbs. Usually, “subjects” were fed intravenously, and then underwent severe sensory deprivation, broken by bombardment with extremely loud noises. A darkened room would be broken by glaring white lights in the middle of the night, and the “subject” loses orientation of night or day.

The subject, when near breaking, is then shocked heavily and drugged. They may be placed temporarily on a respirator, and given paralytic drugs. The anxiety level reaches extreme points as this abuse continues, and I had heard of people literally having a heart attack from fear at this point. The person is drugged and shocked again, and then told that they are dying. They watch their body from above, and are actually glad that finally release will come from the days of torment at this place.

At this point, a trainer with a kind, soothing voice will come in and repetitiously say, “You deserve to live, I won’t let you die. You owe your life to me.” Recorded messages are also played over and over, repetitiously, at this point, which describe the “subjects” future destiny for “family”, etc. Finally, slowly, the subject is allowed to awaken, to come out of unconsciousness, with the constant message of being “reborn” for the “family group” being played

Kind faced people soothe the subject as they recover from this hideously traumatic programming sequence. The person feels insanely grateful to be alive, to be released from the horrors of the days when they lay near death in the Institute, and will cling like a preverbal child to the adults around them. They are extremely vulnerable at this point, and extremely receptive to the messages placed in under trauma. I should know. I was a “subject’ at the Institute as a child in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, and later visited as an adult as a “consultant”.

This is deep level programming put in under extreme circumstances, and the fear level for the survivor when they begin to remember this type of trauma can be extremely high. I wish I could whitewash it, say that it isn’t this bad, but it is. I know that this may stretch the believability of some people, but this type of programming really, truly occurs (along with other types of sophisticated mind control methods). Near death programming has many variations, and I have only touched on two (there are other forms as well).

Programming put in when in a near death state will be at core level, since the survival level at that point touches the person’s core, no matter how well protected. The person who has undergone it may believe that if they try to break it, they might die. That they will enter a near death state. That their heart will stop. I went through all of these fears, and more, when dealing with this type of programming inside, and to this day I struggle at times with the residual terror it left.

The lies ground in at this almost unconscious state will be believed deeply at a core level, since the child undergoing it is desperately needing to believe the adults who literally hold the power of life and death over them. The child has been completely broken down by the planned, horrific trauma, and will embrace these messages at their deepest core as being true.

This is why core beliefs and messages are so very hard to undo at this level. It means excellent support, a safe environment, and spiritual awareness and discernment, since the demonic stronghold will also be severe at this point. Help from a therapist knowledgeable about programming, and spiritual help from those who know about deliverance, is a vital part of therapy at this point.

The survivor who reaches this level of programming inside will have reached core level. The programming will be some of the most deeply held and believed, and will be almost impossible to reach at a conscious level, until there is deep system cooperation and safety and trust in the outside people helping the survivor. This is also where faith in God, and His ability to heal ANYTHING, including the most severe of physical, emotional, and spiritual traumas, will make all the difference.

This type of programming may need to be worked on in a safe inpatient setting, or with extreme safety externally, since fear may cause panic and acting out when it begins to come out.

Reality orientation may be lost for a bit as the programming sequences surface, and it will take the strength of the entire system to help slow the memories down and make them manageable. Medication will probably also be needed, to help with the severe sense of depression, loss, abandonment, and betrayal that this type of programming will bring out. Despair over choices made, and wondering if the survivor can survive remembering will come up. A hopeful, supportive, nurturing, and encouraging attitude can make the difference.

Scripture verses that remind the person of God’s love and ability to heal, of His care, and promises of forgiveness and caring, will be very important.

Breaking this type of programming is immensely tiring and plenty of rest and nutritious food is important. This is NOT the time to take on extra stressors. Allowing the survivor to vent their fear, reassuring them, praying with them, and caring for them will become a lifeline. Hearing their rage at what was done as they discuss the “SOBs who did this to me” will be healing, and don’t rush them towards premature or false forgiveness.

The survivor will have to look at and acknowledge the trauma, the damage, and then find hope that they are surviving the remembering of core trauma. Bringing in gentle, non-taxing good experiences such as a playtime, drawing, or a nature walk can be healing. Outlets such as journaling and talking about how they feel will be very important in processing this type of programming.

I have described some of the most viciously traumatic programming that can be done to a child or young teen in this group. It is possible to work it through, slowly, with time and caring support and prayer.

My wish in discussing this has not been to be gory or graphic, but to help others understand that this type of programming does occur, and may need to be worked through by the survivor of occultic/ritualistic abuse.


It has long been thought that the Georgia Guide Stones reveal the intentions of the Illuminati, or the New World Order, with the depopulation of the earth as priority #1 as laid out in what is often called the “Ten Commandments of the Antichrist”: