Condoms Found To Contain Toxic Chemicals & Hormone Disruptors


I recently discovered that name brand condom brands we’ve all heard of use toxic chemicals in the production of their condoms, as well as on them to act as lubricants and for other purposes. These condoms contain spermicides, nonoxynol-9, parabens, benzocaine and glycerine just to name a few things. They can be made of natural latex but when these petro-chemicals and preservatives are used in the production process or added after to act as lubricants or preventative measures you have problems. Each ingredient has it’s own effect, and personally I don’t want any of these in or on the condoms that I use.

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Spermicides act to kill sperm and prevent STD’s, the problem is that most spermicides contain nonoxynol-9, a chemical that kills skin cells in the vagina and rectal wall which increases the chances of catching an STD or urinary tract infection in the long term.

Parabens are used as preservatives but act as hormone disruptors, which is not good because you are placing these parabens directly on an area of your body that produces hormones, doesn’t makes any sense.

Benzocaine is used as a numbing agent to help you ‘last longer’ but is this necessary? it won’t make much of a difference and this has been reported to cause swelling, itching, sweating and dizziness, it just lowers the pleasure of the sexual experience and is not natural, it’s just another chemical your body has to deal with.

Glycerine found on condoms is used as a lubricant, which increases the chance of getting a yeast infection because it’s essentially a sugar waiting around bacteria in that area, not the best combination. You can use coconut oil as a natural lubricant and coconut oil is anti-bacterial and will help to avoid potential yeast infections.

For these reasons I now use Sir Richard’s condoms because they are latex condoms, but they are natural, free of these chemicals and give you a better.

Hope you have a great rest of the day!

– David Benjamin