Comedian Kathy Griffin Is Facing Jail Time

Comedian and annual host of CNN’s New Years Special Kathy Griffin released a video in which she was holding bloody head that resembled President Donald Trump. Although she thought it was funny, the public condemned her for her move. After releasing the video, her agreement with CNN was terminated.

Today, she visited Central Park while she was wearing a Trump Halloween mask covered in blood. Visitors to the park were really disturbed by the scene and now Griffin is facing jail.

Patriots On The Right Kathy Griffin has already lost big league when it comes to run-ins with President Trump, and she’s never even met the man.

After being fired from everything good in her life for posing for a stupid picture holding President Trump’s severed head, she now faces new troubles after her latest cry for the attention of liberals landed her in jail in New York City.

Griffin emerged from the Waldorf Astoria and strolled into Central Park just moments ago, covered in fake blood and wearing what looked like a Trump Halloween mask on her head like a hat, also covered in blood. Passersby were so disturbed that one vomited as others ran from the scene screaming.

Griffin, who is known for her own crass brand of comedy, simply stood there with her shoulders shrugged and said, “What…too soon?”

It couldn’t be soon enough when police arrived and dragged Griffin away for disturbing the peace. Griffin faces 3 nights in jail and a $500 fine, which she will certainly buy her way out of.

The best thing we patriots can do is boycott her! No Kathy Griffin! Not. Even. Once!

It seems that Griffin did not learn the lesson. It looks like that she is making death threats to our president and that needs to stop. She should spend more than 3 days in prison. Do you agree?



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