Climate Youth Puppet Greta Thunberg Is Controlled By George Soros

Man made climate change is a THEORY. 

1. Polar bear populations are thriving
2. Artic ice formations are increasing
3. gretathunberg interestingly forgot to include China in her suit. China is of course the LARGEST polluter in the world
4. The world should’ve already been under several feet of water based on all the predictions by climate change alarmists yet nothing yet
5. Global “cooling” was the scare in the 70s
6. is funded by George Soros and Bill Gates

 She’s all over the news these days, but 16-year-old Greta Thunberg isn’t homegrown or grassroots. Her climate schtick is completely a product of George Soros and Company, which feeds Thunberg her lines as she traipses around the world pretending to have come up with all this climate hysteria on her own.

Family Ties

A young Greta posing with her famous parents for a magazine. Notice the one-eye sign made by both children.

Greta Thunberg’s father is actor Svante Thunberg, whose father is actor and director Olof Thunberg. Her mother is the famous opera singer Malena Ernman who became a celebrity at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. In 2010, Ernman was named Hovsångerska (translated to “court singer”) by Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

Malena at Eurovision 2009. Notice the one-eye sign. Also, Eurovision has always been pure occult elite propaganda.

Ernman on the cover of Vi magazine. The quote under her face says: “We all sell our souls to the devil”. Can’t make this up.

In 2017, Ernman won the WWF “Environmental Hero” award for her “involvement in the climate issue for the past several years”. About a year later, Ernman’s 16-year-old daughter is seen protesting in front of the Swedish parliament. The perfect storm begins.

Greta with the Pope.

In truth, Thunberg is never without her handler, Luisa-Marie Neubauer, a 23-year-old, far-left activist from Germany who’s the “Youth Ambassador” for an international lobbying and campaigning organization known as the “ONE Foundation,” which is funded by George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and Bono, among other celebrity names.

Besides the fact that Thunberg herself comes from a family of freemasons, her mother supposedly having ties to Bavarian Illuminati founder Adam Weisshaupt, Neubauer, her controller, works for a major globalist entity that’s working to implement Agenda 2030 in Germany via the Paris Climate Accord.

Neubauer is also a member of Alliance 90, The Greens, and Green Youth, three communist organizations that are using the “threat” of climate change as a cover to push for sweeping policy changes all around the globe – changes that will, of course, eliminate freedom and liberty in order to “save the planet.”

Neubauer herself actually tweeted about being a member of the ONE Foundation, bragging about the fact that she gets to travel the world spreading climate propaganda with others who were hoodwinked just like she was into believing that global warming is real.

Climate hysteria is now being deployed as a psychological terrorism weapon against children

It’s time to declare this psychological terrorism campaign a crime against children. These children — Greta included — are being psychologically destroyed to turn them into both human shields and social engineering weapons against society. It’s almost as if they’ve been trying to turn Greta into a kind of “cultural suicide bomber” who ends up destroying her own sanity and childhood in order to appease the twisted, nefarious influence schemes of her handlers, some of whom are linked to George Soros.

Greta on the cover of i-D magazine. Notice the one-eye sign.

This is just straight up psychological child abuse. These children are being lied to and relentlessly terrorized with outrageous disinformation in order to achieve a specific political outcome: The enslavement of the human race under eco-fascism, where no one will be allowed to eat meat, drive a car, own a cow or run a lawnmower.

#RescueGreta from the eco-terrorists who have turned her into a terrified human shield. And stop the lunatic Leftists from destroying their own children using tactics of psychological warfare.

Brainwashing children into the climate agenda is child abuse, plain and simple

Video footage available for viewing at this link shows Thunberg demonstrating extreme mental anguish and almost psychological torture over the thought of climate change, even as she lectures U.N. leaders about how they’ve failed to address this supposedly imminent global threat.

Not only does Thunberg express outrage over the fact that not enough has been done, in her opinion, to address it, but she also claims that world leaders stole her childhood by not imposing more carbon taxes on primarily Western nations like the United States.

“The Marxist Globalists stole her childhood by feeding her lies and propaganda about global warming – she believes the lies so she is now living in fear,” writes Cristina Laila for The Gateway Pundit, responding to this disturbing video footage.

“Thunberg has a myriad of mental health issues. She is autistic, has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suffers from Asperger syndrome and the left is pushing her out onto the world stage and exploiting her.”

It’s fascism in action, with indoctrinated youth being used as the new “faces” of the movement. With dinosaur politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi struggling to even form coherent sentences, the left really has no other option but to exploit innocent children as their new mouthpieces to spread the climate gospel.

Meanwhile, as Laila further points out, neither Thunberg nor any of the other child climate activists have yet to visit China or India, despite the fact that these two countries represent the world’s biggest polluters.

“… China and India continue to be the world’s biggest polluters because Climate Change legislation isn’t about the environment, it’s about a global scheme to redistribute wealth,” Laila further writes.

Is Bill Gates using Greta Thunberg to push for global depopulation via the climate hoax?

According to the website, the ONE Foundation was hatched back in the early 2000s by Bill Gates and Bono, who got together and decided that they needed “to better inform Americans about extreme poverty around the world.”

With the help of Melinda Gates, Bill’s wife, as well as Bobby Shriver, Ed Scott, Bob Geldof, Jamie Drummond, and George Soros, Gates and Bono developed “an anti-poverty advocacy organization called DATA that focused on deploying celebrities and other influential individuals to urge world leaders to take action on specific development issues.”

DATA was eventually merged into several other organizations to form ONE, which now functions as a political activist group that aims to achieve several “global targets,” including “disease, poverty, and other pressing development issues.”

It would appear as though Neubauer was herself recruited to be part of ONE, only to turn around and recruit Thunberg. Or perhaps Thunberg was groomed by someone else to play this role, and Neubauer was assigned to be her “mentor,” following her around everywhere she appears publicly.

Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that Thunberg isn’t coming up with the many scripts she reads before Congress, the media, and most recently the United Nations. Heck, she doesn’t even speak English as her first language, yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that Thunberg is able to come up with a nonstop flow of professional speeches to present on any given day?

Right. We all believe that. Or not. But the sad thing is that many liberals apparently do believe it, revealing that Soros and his cronies are still winning the information war in certain segments of society.

Seems like The Simpsons predicted this event yet again:

No matter how many times climate change is exposed as a total hoax, there’s still a contingency of the populace that believes it to be the gospel truth – especially when little girls appear all over the news to reprimand the world about the “science” behind it.

“So-called ‘climate change’ remains the greatest fraud being perpetrated on humanity,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit. “It is nothing more than a multi-trillion dollar taxation and wealth redistribution program scheme designed by the U.N. to destroy America by destroying capitalism.”

If you still do not believe that Greta Thunberg does not write her speeches please watch the video below:

Hysterical climate teen Greta Thunberg has teamed up with 15 other child climate “activists,” including fellow climate alarmist Alexandria Villaseñor, to file a formal complaint with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child concerning what they claim are violations of their “rights” caused by climate change.

These children who filed the complaint, some of whom are as young as eight, are demanding that the U.N. issue a mandate requiring all members states to “take action” in order to protect children like themselves from experiencing the “devastating” impacts of climate change.

Filed through the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child – because eight-year-olds are well-versed in taking the proper steps, didn’t you know? – the complaint represents a direct appeal to the U.N. to basically come up with a remedy against nations that have ratified this protocol, but that are in violation of it.

“Change needs to happen now if we are to avoid the worst consequences,” declared Greta the hysterical climate teen, appearing for one of her many prepared press conferences. “The climate crisis is not just the weather. It means also, lack of food and lack of water, places that are unlivable and refugees because of it. It is scary.”

With George Soros at the helm, anything is possible

There are quite literally millions of deranged leftists out there who believe every single word that comes out of Greta’s mouth about climate change. They not only believe this tripe, but they’re actually so gullible that they believe Greta somehow came up with this elaborate narrative all on her own.

The deep state is barely even trying to hide the fact that Greta’s words are completely scripted. She has handlers who follow her around everywhere she goes, making sure that every jot and tittle of what she says fits the script – and it’s completely obvious to anyone who’s actually paying attention.

As usual, George Soros is behind a lot of this, along with Bill and Melinda Gates and Bono, whose ONE Foundation is funding these climate “activists” as they roam the globe preaching their Gospel of Global Warming to anyone dumb enough to actually listen to them. Because of this, teenagers everywhere are not only being stirred into a fury of fear and paranoia, but they’re also being led to believe that they, too, possess the power and the right to just file a complaint with the U.N any time they’re unhappy with something.

What many of them will quickly realize, especially if they don’t accept and parrot the official climate narrative, is that these global platforms are reserved for the “chosen” like Greta. Details will continue to emerge on this front, but Greta is, in many ways, a child actor who was hand-selected in much the same way as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), who actually auditioned for her “part” as a junior congresswoman.

It’s special treatment for special people, in other words – and if you’re not part of the “club,” then you’ll never actually have a voice on the matter. But Greta does, and so does David Hogg, and so do many other children whom the leftists keep trotting out to spread their doctrines in the hopes that nobody will criticize the ones spreading these doctrines because they’re children!


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